The Class : Meet and greet session with CNBLUE in Malaysia!

9:17:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 6 Comments

Hey guys!
Good news to all Boices in Malaysia, our CNBLUE members will be here next month!
As referring to our post The Class has partnered with CNBLUE for SS 2015 campaign, YES! the news that we've been waiting for, CNBLUE is confirmed to be here in Malaysia on 4th July 2015 at Mid Valley Megamall for a meet and greet session!
Date : 4th July 2015
Venue : Mid Valley Megamall
Time : 1pm 
The Class has promised to giving out passes, so please stay tuned !!!
p/s : My favorite news for this month!
Facebook : The Class Malaysia

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  1. nk yg paling hujuung belah kiri,,hahaha

  2. ni jatuh cinta kt cnblue level berapa dah kak sally? heheh

  3. wah!nak sign..hahaha...dup dap dup dap...hahaha

  4. whaaaat ??? kat midvalley ??? apa lagi Sally hehehe.. mesti Sally pergi kan..
    Kang Min Hyuk untuk i pleaaaaase =D

    1. oit.. sitink minyuk ke??? apa lagi.. ramai2 la pakat pegi tengok


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