The Class has partnered with CNBLUE for SS 2015 campaign.

3:29:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 7 Comments

The Class has partnered with CNBLUE for SS 2015 campaign featuring "French Rock and Sportive" theme this season.

CNBLUE has gained popularity all over the world as an acclaimed Korean rock band. "Can't Stop" is one of the most tweeted songs according to Mashable. In addition, CNBLUE was chosen for TOP10 K-POP in Billboard. I'm sure you all know better than us that how awesome is CNBLUE !!!
The Class now open in Mid Valley!

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  1. paling tak suka lagu can't stop... hehehe..
    love revolution paling jaja suka

  2. eh rasanya kat IOI City Mall pun ada The Class.

  3. nak gi tinjau boleh tak agak-agak?

  4. The Class ni apa? Kedai baju ke?

  5. oooo brand baru ye.. baju lelaki je ke ?

  6. Boleh ahh terjah masa gi MV nanti :D


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