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Jung Yong Hwa opened his own Instagram account!

4:50:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 8 Comments


After Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jung Shin and Lee Jong Hyun, now our leader also already opened his own Instagram account!

Using a Instagram handle @jyheffect0622 for his account, Yong Hwa already gained almost 60.6K of Instagram fans in a day..for meantime he only followed his 3 other members of CNBLUE!

Don't forget to follow his account, because his very excited to upload his selfie!

(okay, change dataplan to 10GB...hahahaha...just kidding!)

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  1. Kalau ada post yonghwa..
    ni mesti sally.. hehehe.. :)
    untunglah sally... one step closer to your groom

  2. thank you sis sebab share!! kalau tak, mesti Zue tak tahu lagi.. btw, skrg, followers dier dah ada 66.6k.. ke silap ig account?! heheh

  3. habislah semua para gadis x dpt tidur tgk selfie jong hwa ... heheheee

  4. Rajin ahh Sally stalk dia pasni. Ehh :p

  5. Punyalah dah lama insta.. dia baru buka.. dasat! Yeke nak upgrade.. nanti dah upgrade bagitahu ye.. ahakss..

  6. auwww... makin encemm adik yong hwa kita ni...haha. suka nauuu sally. don't worry, hatiku masih pada Donghae.. haha. Eh, sally nk bgtay cikgu kelas korea saya yg lg sorang muka mcm jung shin. malu2 pn mcm tu jga tp xleh nk curi2 ambil gmbar tnjuk sally la sb dok depan sangat nnt dia prasan.. bahaya..haha

  7. Perghhh, suka la tu kak Sally! hehe ^_^


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