Just a simple thought & reminder.

9:22:00 AM Sally Samsaiman 4 Comments

On one hand, we know that everything happens for a reason, and there are no mistakes or coincidences.

On the other hand, we learn that we can never give up, knowing that with the right tools and energy, we can reverse any decree.

So, which one is it? Let the light decide, or never give up?
The answer is; both.

Lets start the day with a new smile, and keep in your mind that the secret of our success is that we never, never give up.

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  1. i will never give up..alang alang menyeluk pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan.....hhehehehehehe

  2. kalau putus asa, rugilaa... macam mana nak jadi kuat dan hebat... hihi


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