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10 Healthy Bedtime Snacks

10:03:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 4 Comments

I am deeply hungry now...haiya!
This tummy haa...after I potong you kasi jual baru tau...tadi baru je makan yogurt..

p/s : Jangan makan nasi pulak tgh malam ni...hehehe...

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  1. Salam singgah dan follow dari Segmen Mialiana :D

  2. Yup. Jangan makan nasi malam-malam. :)
    Hmm, whole grain toast with peanut butter macam sedap. yum,yum,yum.

  3. lya plak tak boleh kalau tak mkn nasi gastrik hihi

  4. susu tu selalu la kak makan sebelom tido :)


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