CNBLUE 4th Anniversary.

12:42:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 8 Comments

Dalam mana kegembiraan kita menyambut hari keputeraan Nabi Muhammad SAW...

Sally pun turut bersama BOICE diseluruh dunia menyambut hari ulang tahun ke 4 CNBLUE debut di Korea... 14th January setiap tahun merupakan hari ulangtahun band kesayangan sally, CNBLUE....sebagai peminat yag kurang sikit obsess melainkan kepada Yonghwa...hihi...sally pun nak jugak meraikan hari yang bersejarah buat mereka...

To my boys,
Kang Min Hyuk - Jung Yong Hwa - Lee Jung Shin - Lee Jong Hyun

Happy 4th debuting anniversary...keep smiling...keep working hard...keep rock the stage...because you got all the Boice's behind your back...we will keep supporting you guys until the end...Thank you for the lovely moment you shared with us...Thanks for keep working hard to give the best for us!

We have learned a lot from you guys...the meaning of love, friendship, work hard and respect...Best of luck for the future undertaking and best of luck for the Blue Moon Word Tour...hopefully you guys will step in Malaysia again...huhu T-T

Lastly, again...Happy 4th years anniversary..may God bless you guys!

Lots of Love... Sally Samsaiman

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  1. Happy 4th years anniversary buat CNBLUE ;) hee.
    Comelnyaaaaaa ^_^

  2. go cnblue go!! go boice go!! go sally go!! ihiks ;)

  3. selamat hari lahir yang ke 4 cnblue. hehe

  4. Happy 4th years anniversary!!!!
    May God bless them guys! :D :D hihihi

  5. Happy anniversary CNBLUE & Boice

  6. Happy 4th debuting anniversary CNBLUE.. ^^


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