Song | Nicholas Teo - Little Turtle

12:00:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 17 Comments

This song is for a person
The sound of the song replaces words
Deep love increases and not decrease
The moment that I kiss her face
The ground spins and the sky whirls
The feeling of love
Is even sweeter than cherries
Our eyes send out lightning
With the ability to exceed the limit
Allowing people to forget the seasons
Love has become a classic
For him to give up all the love blame
I want you to be my little turtle forever
I love you

p/s : Ni lagu cina tau..bukan Korea..hahaha...guess what..? Sally hafal lagu ni....hahaha...kalau la masa ujian lisan Mandarin, cikgu kasi nyanyi...mau terus dapat full mark kot!

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  1. nyanyi sikit...nak dengar ni...=P

  2. aah nnyanyilah sikit ^_^ mesti sedap

  3. ok kak sally. nanti malam nie dodoikan hana nyanyi lagi nie tw ! :)

    1. Serius...? Takot nightmare je dgr sore akak...haha

  4. Replies
    1. betol2.. nk dengar sally nyanyi gak.. jom kita buat fb page "kami nk dengar suara sally menyanyi".. hehehe

    2. pha is!!!! nak kena sekeh ek..? hahaha...siap nak buat group...!

  5. boleh laa buat live concert duet dengan yong hwa lagu mandarin ihiks ;)

    1. Reti pulak yonghwa bhs mandarin...hahaha..dia tau English, Korea dgn Japan je...

  6. ehem, nyanyi lah sikit. tak payah nyanyi banyak2, satu lagu cukup lah. :P


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