CNBLUE To Release Their First Photobook “BLUE TRAVEL”

3:45:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 3 Comments

CNBLUE will release their first photobook ever since their debut!
Titled, “BLUE TRAVEL”, this photobook will contains their photos taken in Australia as they have experienced with unfamiliar language, people, and place. Each member will present different stories, 지아(Nostalgia), 도피(Shelter), 경험(Experience), and 힐링(Healing). This photobook will include how CNBLUE experiencing the desert, sea, park, while they’re travelling to Australia.
BLUE TRAVEL” consists total of 180 pages, DVD making , members’ handwritten messages ,signatures , postcards. It’s expected to release on September 26th 2013.
Save the date, BOICE's!

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  1. sally nanti lama2 akak naik kenal CN Blue ni...he he he...

  2. sally wajib memiliki blue travel ni kan. sebab sally peminat tegar CN blue :)


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