Bila Si Cinta Hati ke Shanghai.

9:08:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 12 Comments

Okay, tajuk tu konon nak tarik perhatian...hahahha...

ohh..cinta hati sally, Jung Yong Hwa...hahaha...kini berada kat Shanghai untuk Konsert Blue Moon Shanghai...konsert tu malam ni....rasanya dah hampir 2 jam, esok mesti akan ada yg upload konsert ni kat YouTube...hehehehe....

Hello everyone ! This is Yong Hwa here !
It's been a while since I came to Shanghai and I feel good. 
It's the first time we are having concert in Shanghai and I'm looking forward to it.To have an enjoyable and fun time tomorrow. do have more health supplements .then see you tomorrow !!! 

Source_weibo Yong Hwa

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  1. ramai betul cinta hati dia nie ye..hhehe..peminat korea ye...

  2. @Kisah Si Dairy mana ada kak...yg satu ni je bertahkta dihati :D

  3. pegi shanghai pulak yerr.. sibok bebeno kan dia.. ^_^ habaq kat yonghwa kim salam kat nama apa tah yg kak suka tu. lupa la.. hheee

  4. Wahh cinta hati dekat shanghai ea . Hehe cinta hati pyka dekat mlaysia je . Haha

  5. Hello Sally, this coming to you from Canada. Wow! I'm surprised Malaysians love watching Korean shows.
    Anyway, budak tu good looking.
    I think girls lupa nama mak bila tengok dia, ha ha ha.
    Have fun, Sally, and keep a song in your heart.

  6. Comel jugak cinta hati SS ni yeh hehe

  7. hensemnya dia potong rambut mcm tu!!!

    aip!! tu cinta hati didiey jugak ok..kahkah!!! :P

  8. korea?? ohh, akk xpndai pasal korea2 ni..haha


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