Natural Barbie looks :)

1:27:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 9 Comments

Ever wonder what Barbie would look like with a make-under?

A photo, posted to Imgur and attributed to "Eddi Aguirre" has emerged of the famous blonde bombshell in her most natural, makeup-free state - with freckles, under-eye circles, frizzy hair, acne, and braces.

Hehehe...sape yang obsess cantik macam barbie tu...pikir 2-3 kali dulu okay..? Barbie kalau tak mekap...sama jer macam kite...ehee ^_^

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  1. Hihi..barbie pun make-up apa =D

  2. hehee, hana xnk muka cam barbie ;) n muka sendiri je lawa lgi.

  3. alala...x comel barbie ni
    betul tu
    make up penaik seri kecantikan kita
    make simple n nipis
    toksah tebal2...

  4. masa tua ke dah kedut je nmpk,hehe

  5. neutral itu lah kecantikan asli :D


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