I don't need your approval..!

5:00:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 4 Comments

yes, I am who I am...I don't need people judged me...Isn't it weird how people talk shit about you, when the only thing they ACTUALLY know about you is your name? if they do know your name lah kan...?

haii la manusia...stop all the stupid things that you told people about me...people who know me will know how to judged me...

okay..? peace !

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  1. don't ever stoop down to their level...anggapkan orang2 sebegini... rendah iq...

  2. huhu betul tu, tp apapun berlaku cuma relaks and cool :)

  3. manusia tak pernah berhenti nak menghukum manusia lain...pada aku manusia semua sama...tak ada yg berbeza...


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