Which one should I buy ?

3:59:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 2 Comments

korang ! nak mintak tolong boleh tak ? 
which one should I buy ?

Blackberry Torch 9810 vs Samsung Galaxy S II

which I should sally choose ? mcm nak pilih Pokemon pulak ...
tolong yer ~

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  1. depends kt sally gak.
    sally lebih prefer yg qwerty board or touch?
    sally lg ske social network n bbm or men game?
    sally ske tgkap gambr yg hasilnya biasa2 je ke or yg berkualitinya?
    sally ske fon yg besar,berat n slide or yg sizenye just nice n seng nk guna?
    tapi kalau kawn2 sally byk gne bb best gak. sbb boleh bbm slalu for free~ xD tp samsung tu pn best sbb screen dia besar.. nk tgk video pn puass~ ^^
    n lastly tgk pd budget. hrp membantu. hee

  2. @haz:

    actually mmg nk cr yg touch screen...both ade...cume additional yg BB ade keypad jugak...huhuhu...

    mmg geng sally sume pakai BB, tu yg mcm KENA jugak pakai...hihi...

    tp, sally suka SII.. T-T


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