15 Minutes a Day To Improve Quran Memorisation, Think Quran Officially Launches in Malaysia.

Think Quran is now officially launched in Malaysia after a steady growth of users. Focusing on an easy and effective method to learn the language of the Quran, Think Quran boasts almost 4 millions of Arabic words that have been learned by users.

“We understand that the Quran is central to the lives of a Muslim, hence to empower a new generation of Quran readers, we would like to help them understand the meaning better. This is where Think Quran comes in. We are now available on website and mobile for ease of use. After all, as a Muslim myself, understanding the meaning improves other aspects of my ibadah,” said Dato’ Abdul Radzeen Bin Abdul Rahman, CEO of Think Quran.

Think Quran launch, from left: Profesor Dr Muhaya, Think Quran CEO, Dato’Abdul Radzeen bin Abdul Rahman, Deputy Sabah Mufti, Datuk Ustaz Abdul Manap Bin Lakariba, owner of Galeri Aura Islam Iskandar Puteri, Dato' Anuar Bin Hassan, with Chief of Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM), Datuk Paduka Nadzim Johan

Think Quran greets users with a momentous Think Quran Festival that was held at The Curve, Damansara on 16-18 June 2023. The festival brought over an exhibition of the artifacts of The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for visitors to come closer and understand the relics of his time.

The exhibition garnered impressive attention from parents and kids alike. Deputy Mufti of Sabah, Datuk Ustaz Abdul Manap Bin Lakariba giving his speech Joined by Deputy Sabah Mufti, Datuk Ustaz Abdul Manap Bin Lakariba that launched the festival, he said, “Islam always welcomes innovation like Think Quran. Adjusting to the needs of the Muslim community to learn on their mobile and at their own pace is very encouraging especially for our younger generation. This is definitely the most engaging way to learn the Arabic language of the Quran.”

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Artifacts Exhibition

With a dedicated base of more than 300,000 users across Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, Think Osem Sdn Bhd the owner of Think Quran is the winner of the SME100 Award: Malaysia's Fast-Moving Companies with certified research, innovation and technology by the Malaysia's Highway Corridor Status (MSC).Think Quran is the go-to platform for Muslims to enhance their relationship with the holy book.

Think Quran is now available at thinkquran.com or the mobile version on browser at app.thinkquran.com. A Plus subscription is available for added features and the platform can be accessed using the user's existing Facebook account. Follow Think Quran official social media channels for latest information.

💭 Think Quran is suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds, including busy working professionals, housewives, and anyone who wants to improve their connection with the Quran. With the vision of reaching 100 million users worldwide, Think Quran is set to become the go-to platform for Muslims seeking to enhance their relationship with the Quran. Visit their website at thinkquran.com to start your own journey of Quranic learning and spiritual growth.

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