[Bukit Gambang Resort City] Bukit Gambang Safari Park

Eye To Eye With The Wild

Bukit Gambang Safari Park is the largest Zoo Safari Park in Malaysia. It aims to bring you countless exciting encounters with exotic animals from around the world. Over 300 animal species, with many of them being first of their kind in Malaysia.

Wild Savannah
At the Wild Savannah zone, we shall experience “eye to eye with the wild”, and very close encounter with the predator animals. Other than scrolling around in protected tempered glass air-conditioned tram, we can see use ATV to see wild animals like lions, tigers, cheetahs & hyenas!

↪ Horse Riding
↪ Llama Feeding
↪ Goat Feeding
↪ Rabbit Feeding
↪ Pigeon Feeding
↪ Bear Feeding
↪ ATV Safari Adventure
↪ Discovery Centre

Level 3, Forest Land, Daily until 6.00 pm
Fun learning about the animal Kingdom with our park ambassadors.

Show Time:
2.45pm Predator Show
4.15pm Wonderful Birds Show
5.45pm Multi-Animal Kids show
7.45pm Yabara Fire Show
8.15pm Indiana Stunt Show

*Close on Monday except during School and Public Holidays

Bukit Gambang Safari Park (BGSP) aims to be an “Entertaining Yet Educational” park. It can be appreciated from 3 main aspects:

1. Largest Safari Park
BGSP is the largest safari park in Malaysia. It occupies 138 acres of secondary jungle with 2 distinct zones – Walking & Wild Savannah tram zones. It operates “day & night” i.e. opens at noon & closed at 9.00pm.

2. Multiple Uniquely Selected Animals - (Many of the animals are first in Malaysia)
a. White lion, White Wallaby, Golden Eagle
b. 4 out the 6 camel species in the world
c. 4 out of the 8 bear species in the world
d. 4 out of the 5 big cats & 7 out of the 9 largest small cats

3. Variety of Shows
3 covered arenas - BGSP has 3 dedicated covered show arenas each capable of seating 2,000 pax in single seating.

5 active shows - It has 5 major “active” shows namely Wonderful Birds, Multi-Animal Kids, Indiana Stunt, Yabara Fire & “Predator no-human-contact” shows. The latter is the latest addition during which various jungle predators demonstrate their natural hunting behaviour & food-chain hierarchy without any assistance from the zoo keepers.

As additional, you can dining with White Lions at Simba Hill Gourmet. Just imagined African white lions are roaming freely just outside your glass window, while you had a scrumptious dinner by the chef. A fine dining experience that shall not be missed!

Safari Park Operation Hours
Tuesday – Sunday: 1:00pm – 9:00pm
Simba Hill Gourmet: 5-9pm (Fri-Sun) by reservation only
Wild Savannah Tram Drive-Thru Experience: 1.15pm – 6.15pm

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  1. This was my son's favorite vacation

  2. Dah pergi sekali dgn family.. Masuk dan tgk haiwan2 ni.. Naik pengangkutan dia. Seronok jgk

  3. Emi sejenis yang tak berani nak bawak ATV, fobia sikit haha. Nasib baik pairing dengan murni, dia yg bawak hari tu.

  4. bestnya. bila lah dapat pergi ni. kak Ros memang suka tempat macam ni. dok rancang-rancang, susah nak sampai. kema gerak terus kalau ada kesempatan :)

  5. Bestnya aktiviti dia, tak bosan. Kalau pergi dengan family seronok kan

  6. Family in law ajak ke sini nanti cuti sek... Tak tahu la sempat ke tak .. Ramai kata best kt sini

  7. Wow this place is so fun and many activities we can do there.


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