Acecoin Press Conference: The Partnership with WeToken.

Financial technology has made its debut far longer than we can recall. Blockchain technology and digital currencies are among the trends gaining global popularity and acclaim. A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.

Last week, Ace Global Holding Limited introduced their flagship product, Acecoin; Malaysia’s top 5 ICO, to the general public.

Acecoin is a digital currency and based on Acecoin blockhain using scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm. Acecoin was created as a form of cryptocurrency used in a trading platform named the AceXchange, where people can trade using Bitcoin and Acecoin. Acecoin vision is to become the most trusted, reliable, secured, popular and sought after payment currency.

Nizal Mohammad (CEO, Ace Global Holding Limited)

Juliana Evans (Ambassador, Ace Global Holding Limited)

They also had choose their ambassador; Juliana Evans - a well-travelled globetrotter. She became the perfect choice in supporting Acecoin make headway and gain recognition among Malaysians, while educating the public on the benefits and future of digital currency.

Ryu Lin (CMO, Ace Global Holding Limited)

Ryu Lin shared the marketing strategies of Acecoin in penetrating the global market. “Our crypto exchange is most unique as we are backed by a strong panel of auditors, trustee and lawyers, promoting transparency. We subject ourselves to one of the Big Four’s auditing prowess; not to mention appointing a trustee as a fiduciary figure, thus solving user’s problem pertaining fair transactions.”

This press conference watched the signing of the MOU between Ace Global Holding Limited and WeToken Taiwan. Nizal Mohammad and Helena also swapped their respective tokens (Acecoin and WTO) worth USD1 million each.

Application & Web Wallet
Core Features and Specification
Acecoin transactions are based on a series of core transaction types that do not require any script processing or transaction input/output processing on the part of network nodes. This allows core support for a fully decentralized asset exchange; alias creation, transfer and sale; storage of small, optionally-encryptable strings of data on the blockchain; a digital goods store; and account control features. For more information, log on to

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  1. Wahhh nizal tu dulu wartawan tv3 kan..skrg ceo dah..hebat

  2. Lagi mudahlah lepas ni ada Acecoin ni.
    Ramai yang tak tahu tentang Acecoin ni termasuklah kak Ros. Bila baca perkongsian Sally, baru tahu serba sedikit. Harap lepas ni, lebih meluas pendedahan dia.

  3. On what basis we can trust and reassurance that Acecoin can provide users safety for their transaction?

    1. They highlight the unique difference that sets them apart from other ICOs, which is their panel of auditors, trustee and lawyers..

  4. Ok baru tau psl acecoin ni.. Kne amik tau lbh dlm lg ni..mklumlah bab2 matawang ni wawa xbrpe nk amik tau..bila rse wujud acecoin ni sbg pengantara, kne thu lbh lanjut ni..

  5. tepat sungguh pemilihan Juliana Evans sebagai duta..Sebab dia ada ramai pengikut dikalangan orang muda.dah la pandai pulak tu..

  6. Sekarang matawang digital banyak digunakan terutamanya oleh golongan muda. Mungkin cara ini lebih selamat dan nilai matawang lebih terkawal..


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