What to get for baby shower?

Lately, there are so many good news I have heard..The best things is when my friends shares the exciting news that she is having a baby! Other than lots of hugs, some belly rubs and maybe even a few happy tears to go around, I always had this in my mind, "What can I actually got for them; both mommy and the baby itself..?" and I need to find a baby shower gift!

They always call me "mommy" because I am the one who always so excited waiting for the baby..hahaha...and I am always the one who search for everything that awesome, thoughtful, unique and useful for my friend and the baby.

I am one of the DIY and crafty type person, but sometimes what I think is not what I capable of to make it real...So, I need help and buying process will be easy as shopping online for one.

1. Personalized White Cellular Blanket
Baby will be the coolest kid on the block wrapped in the blanket with his/her name on it! Hehe

2. Personalized Mother & Daughter Photo Frame
Say cheese! Mommy and daughter, they always give me so many ideas what to get for them...This also will be great if we can choose the color theme, print and type of frame and then add baby’s name!

3. Personalized 'Waiting For Baby' Frame
Keep track! Picture from the moment they are preagnant, check up photo with the 3D, 4D, 5D view of the baby until the baby is born! Sounds great?

4. Personalized Baby's Scan Picture Frame
The best part of the check up! Hahaha

5. Messages For You - while you grow
This will be great if the mommies love to write and keep track of her baby, sometime mommies love to tell their unborn-yet baby something, so this book will be a great help for them :)

6. Elodie White Heart Bracelet
Simple gift for the mum!

If you are facing the same problem like me, just browse to "Gifts Less Ordinary" to get unique baby shower gifts and find the suitable presents for the mother and baby. From personalised mum-to-be things to adorable new-born accessories, you are certainly will find one here..

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