Tourist Attractions in Jeongseon, South Korea.

Jeongseon (旌善郡) is a county in Gangwon Province, South Korea. It is famous as the hometown of "Jeongseon Arirang," a traditional Korean folksong. It is also the hometown of famous actor Won Bin and footballer Seol Ki-hyeon.

#1 - Auraji River
Auraji is the name of a lake that Jeongseon Arirang originated. The area has long been famous for its
beautiful, clean mountains and rivers. Its name is derived from the Korean word ‘어우러지다 eoureojida,’ meaning ‘to meet’ as the waters of Pyeongchang and Samcheok unite in this area.
Part of the upper stream of Namhangang River, Auraji was a famous starting point of log rafts transporting timber to Hanyang, the original name of Seoul. The lyrics of Jeongseon Arirang reveal the sadness and longing of a woman awaiting her husband who left for business to a far-away place or left to transport timber. Today, numerous tourists visit Auraji to enjoy its great scenic views or to see the symbol of a maid who, gazing into the river, seems to be waiting for her lover to return.
Location: 69, Auraji-gil, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do

#2 - Arii Hills: Byeongbangchi Sky Walk and Zip Wire

Byeongbangchi Observatory is in the between Gyuram-ri and Buksil-ri in Jeongseon-eup and features breathtaking views surrounding Bamseom Island whose shape is like the Korean peninsula with streams of Donggang River. Byeongbangchi Skywalk experience offers a thrilling experience as it gives a feeling of walking in the sky thanks to the tempered glass on the ‘U’ shaped structure (11m) projected from the cliff at altitude of 583m. From this observatory, tourists can see the beauty of Bamseom Island and Donggang River, making it an attractive point to visit.
Location: 225, Byeongbangchi-gil, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do
Admission Fees Adults (ages 19-64) 2,000 won / Teenagers & Children (ages 7-18) 1,000 won / Zip wire Fees 40,000 won

#3 - Jeongseon 5 Day Market

Jeongseon 5 Day Market is one of the major local market in Korea and opens every 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd, 27th. In the market, visitors can experience the lively bustling atmosphere of a Korean folk market and purchase agricultural produce at low prices. Its specially featured product is the Goraengji, a vegetable that grows in mountainous regions or on plateaus at 500~700m above sea level. And also on the market day, you will be able to watch the musical performance titled in Arirang center as well. The show in 3 parts will explain Arirang’s story to you together with rhythmical and enjoyable music!
Location: 58-1, Bibong-ro, Jeongseon-eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do

#4 - Jeongseon Rail Bike
The rail bike in Jeongseon Auraji is a new type of leisure sport that combines biking along a railway and scenic views. The sport makes use of an abandoned railway track that runs from Jeongseon Auraji to Gujeol-ri. The total track is 7.2 kilometers long and is a continuous descent that is easy to ride along clean valley waters and crimson red foliage. At the boarding area in Gujeol-ri Station, there is a café named ‘A Grasshopper’s Dream.’ Housed in a train, the café is the shape of a grasshopper. The rail bike starts in Gujeol-ri station and ends in Auraji Station. Ride at a slow speed of 15kph to enjoy the surrounding scenery. On the way back, you will return to Gujeol-ri on a free train for a comfortable ride with a view.
Location 745, Nochusan-ro, Yeoryang-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do
Admission Fees [2-seaters bike] Individual 25,000 won / Group 22,500 won [4-seaters bike] Individual 35,000 won / Group 31,500 won
Operating Hours * March to October 09:00 – 18:00, 5 times a day * November to February 09:00 – 15:00, 4 times a day

#5 - Samtan Art Mine

Samtan Art Mine is a cultural art complex, transformed from an abandoned mine at the foot of Hambaeksan Mountain, the main production area of stone coal in Korea. The name ‘Samtan’ refers to Samcheok Tanjwa, one of the major coal mines in Korea, and ‘Art Mine’ plays on the history of the coal mine. There are many cultural art spaces throughout the nation, but Samtan Art Mine attracts visitors for being located inside an actual mine site. Opened in 1964 as a industrial establishment, the mine operated until October 2001.

Samtan Art Mine draws even deeper artistic meaning due to this poignant history. Place named was a shooting location of famous drama in 2016, ˹Descendants of the Sun˼. In episode 12, Agus kidnapped Dr. Kang to his hideout and
blackmailed her to break up with captain Yoo. This scene was selected as one of the iconic scene in ˹Descendants of the Sun˼.This place used to be a shower room for miners last time and artists got an inspiration to link to shower room. As we watched in a drama, the combination of old shower room and Venus statue create a unique vibe and featured Agus’s hideout place very well.
Location: 1445-44, Hambaeksan-ro, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do

For addtional, Jeongseon also have one stadium that will be used for 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang next year. This is the only venue that will featured Jeongseon city as part of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

#6 - Jeongseon Alpine Centre

Jeongseon Alpine Centre is an alpine skiing area being developed in South Korea. It is located on the site of Gariwang mountain, in the township of Bukpyeong in the county of Jeongseon.
Jeongseon will be a venue for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, hosting the alpine speed events of Downhill, Super-G, and Combined. It will accommodate 6,000 spectators. The technical events of slalom and giant slalom are scheduled for Yongpyong Resort.

The men's downhill starts at an elevation of 1,370 m (4,495 ft), with a course length of 2.857 km (1.775 mi), to a finish area at 545 m (1,788 ft). The vertical drop of 825 m (2,707 ft) surpasses the minimum drop of 800 m (2,625 ft) required by the International Ski Federation (FIS). The venue Gariwang mountain is one of the most remote areas in South Korea. The centre officially opened in 2016 on January 22, two weeks prior to its first events, men's World Cup speed events.

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