The launch of m8 World SIM - “ONE WORLD. ONE SIMCARD”!

Going somewhere for travel? As the world spinning around, sharing your thoughts, your everyday life is a must...and that counts even when you are traveling. Having a smartphone and of course a data at every corner of the world will always be one of the major needs nowadays. Waiting to use WiFi in the hotel is not valid anymore, big NO NO! Hahaha! Good news! Enabling Asia Tech Sdn Bhd (EA), Malaysia’s first and only integrated Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA), launch their m8 World SIM, the first travelling SIM cards.

In conjunction with their 4th anniversary celebration, EA announced the launch of the m8 World SIM product under its MVNA business model, along with the launch of the Buzzme World SIM Starterpack under EA’s in-house Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) business model. This SIM will allow Malaysian and regional customers to stay connected abroad with just a single SIM card - enabling them to travel in style and be connected to the world in a borderless manner.

m8 World SIM adopts a local mobile number of the destination countries instead of the conventional roaming arrangement to ensure seamless connectivity. As all SIM cards under MVNOs hosted by EA offer the same consumer advantages, customers can now stay connected to the world in more than 200 countries within an informed and controlled cost environment. Customers can start planning for their business trips or vacations without having to worry about connectivity and the hefty charges of International Roaming.


Buzzme World SIM Starterpack - a new category of prepaid starterpack - has been made available to the Malaysian mobile consumer market since May 2017. Buzzme is a registered trademark under Mobile 8 Telco Sdn Bhd and is EA’s in-house MVNO.

Buzzme World SIM Starterpack, with the tagline “ONE WORLD. ONE SIMCARD.”, operates the m8 World SIM feature in a hybrid model, enabling customers to stay connected locally in Malaysia as well as whenever they are abroad in more than 200 countries. The starterpack has a recommended retail price of RM99 with RM50 worth of pre-loaded credit and can be purchased online as well as at a number of appointed channels across the country.

The hybrid model prepaid wallet allows the pre-loaded credit and any subsequent credit top-ups to be used for Malaysian local traffic or to purchase a subscription plan abroad when traveling. All customers of MVNOs hosted under EA, including Buzzme, will be able to top-up their prepaid wallet via m8 Reload, a common reload currency. This can be done online at or nationwide at any 7-Eleven stores and e-Pay touch point as well as any appointed dealers.


Buzzme is all about getting delighted. Customers who purchase and activate the Buzzme World SIM Starterpack can make their travel experiences even more awesome with m8 World SIM in just a few steps:

→ Step 1 Getting Started - Insert the Buzzme World SIM into a mobile device, connect to WiFi and download the m8 World SIM mobile application (APP).
→ Step 2 Login - Login with the mobile number and APP password printed on the SIM card, then register your personal details as required. You will receive an SMS notification and email upon completion.
→ Step 3 Before Departure - You can purchase a subscription plan from the destination country via the APP and payment can be made via your existing prepaid wallet or credit card. You will receive an SMS notification and email once the transaction is successfully completed. The destination country’s mobile number will automatically be pre-assigned and will appear within the APP together with the purchased subscription plan.
→ Step 4 Arriving Abroad - Login to the APP and select the destination country’s subscription plan. The first usage abroad of the plan shall commence from this point and you can now enjoy your trip while being connected to the world.
→ Step 5 Coming Home - Login to the APP and select your home country’s mobile number to use the SIM card locally once you are back in your home country.

For more information on Buzzme World SIM Starterpack, log on to, or contact their Hello Centre at +6011-3400 4400 or send them an email at

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  1. bestnyaaaa!!! nnt nk p Jogja takpayah beli simkad sana dh.. oh yeahhhhhh!!!


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