AKMU Studio in Kuala Lumpur (2016)

Good news to Akdong Musician fans, yes..including me!

AKMU;  The super talented sibling duo will be bracing Malaysia's shore this December for their first ever showcase in Malaysia.

Date: 2016.12.26 (Monday)
Time: 6:30 pm
Venue: KL LIVE

Ticket price : CAT 1 (RM380) | UPPER CAT 1 (RM280) | CAT 2 (RM180)

Ticket Open: 2016.12.15 6:00 pm
Tickets on sale @ www.ticketpro.com.my (Hotline : +603 7880 7999)

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  1. amboi !! mahal nye tiket.. hee~ tapi kakak memang layan lagu2 dorang.. best.. terasa muda tetiba.. hahahaha~ melampau btol..


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