It's been a great day, great year for me..I never revealed my birthday on social media hoping that real friends never need social media to remember each others’ birthday. Thanks to those who remembered..

Thanks for all the du'a which remind me that I am well loved. My birthday lasted just for a day but the wishes you guys sent me are going to make me feel special for the rest of the year. Thank you.

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  1. Your birthday is same date with my husband :)

    Happy birthday sally! Wish you a good life, always :)

  2. Alhamdulillah..Selamat Ulangtahun Kelahiran Sally..moga terus mengorak langkah menuju kejayaan..amin.

  3. Happy birthday. Moga dilimpahi rahmat Allah. :)

  4. aaaa, birthday Sally keee :D happy birthday dear :D nice sangat tarikh, macam ada nampak sally post tarikh ni kat FB tadi. kan? hehe


  5. hye dear...
    kak nieyl mai sini... :)


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