CNBLUE Withdraw From KCON LA 2016

As we all know, CNBLUE have been in the line up for KCON LA 2016 since few weeks ago but sadly to informed that CNBLUE had withdrew their participation from KCON LA 2016 following a recent insider-trading scandal that rocked them.

CNBLUE's absence was announced several days after Seoul court issued a verdict on an insider-trading case relating to two members of the group, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun.

Jung Yong Hwa was acquitted of the charges, while Lee Jong Hyun received a fine of 20 million KRW. CNBLUE previously performed at KCON LA in 2014 and was slated to perform Saturday, July 29, at this year's event.

I wish all the problems can be settle up as soon as possible, I missed you guys.

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  1. Saya tahu kisah ni masa Yong Hwa's last day in Prague. Apalah rasanya masalah jadi pasal dia masa dia takde dalam negara..

    1. tu laaa...lepas dari Prague langsung xde update dr Yonghwa...huwaaaa...risau je rasa...dah la FNC takde bg pape kenyataan :(

  2. i is sedih tgk abang tiba-tiba MIA T_T

    eh abang pulekkk :p

  3. Akak masa bujang dulu minat kpop sejak kahwin xlayan dah Hahahahaha


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