[Live Update] Celebrating Mamee’s 45th Anniversary at Mamee Jonker House, Malacca

Hi guys! I was currently here in Malacca to celebrate Mamee’s 45th Anniversary. It's quite sudden right? Hihihi...

A little info about Mamee Jonker House.

Founded in 2013, Mamee Jonker House is a first retail concept store by Mamee-Double Decker (M) Sdn.Bhd. after over 40 years of food and beverage manufacturing expertise. Housed strategically in two-adjourning shop houses in Jonker Street , it includes a Mamee Café with signature dishes such as Mamee Chef Curry Laksa, Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice and other mouth-watering delicacies where all food and beverage served is certified Halal by JAKIM. Other attractions at Mamee Jonker House are World of Good Taste Museum Gallery, Noodles Doodles Workshop, Little Monsters Kitchen and Souvenir Shop.

Okay, that's briefly about this place...btw, please don't miss me too much, I will be back as soon as possible..For live update moment, please follow my Instagram as I will update there more..

Till then!


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