Korean Drama | Sassy, Go Go

Drama ni ada banyak tajuk...Sassy, Go Go..ada yang panggil Cheeky, Go Go | Daringly, Go Go | Insolently, Go Go...dan kalau yang main dekat KBSW sekarang ni guna tajuk Cheer Up! Tak kisah la mana-mana pun tajuk dia...cerita ni mmg comel! Hahahaha...status masih lagi on-going...

Set at elite Sevit High School in Seoul, Sassy Go Go follows the lives of five students as they attempt to survive in a vicious academic environment that rewards the intelligent and wealthy and looks down on the less intellectually gifted. Kang Yeon-doo (Jung Eun-ji) is the leader of outcast street dance club Real King, a group of students who band together as a result of their low marks. Kim Yeol (Lee Won-keun) is the vice president of Baek Ho, an elite club composed of the top 5 percent of the students. When the two clubs are merged and forced to create a chearleading squad, the two are forced to put their differences aside for the benefit of both their club

Country : Korean

Released : 2015

Genre : Romance, Youth, School, Comedy

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  1. bab drama korea memang fail...tapi pasti lebih ramai meminati

  2. Saya pun tengok juga cerita ni! Kim Yeol~

  3. lari tajuk sat.
    Dah tukar template la...clear sangat...hahaha

  4. Kak aiza tak ikuti drama korea.. Drama melayu pun jarang tengok.. Hehe..

  5. wani tengah tengok the village: achiara's secret dengan she was pretty. yang ni macam nak try tengok jugak kot ^^


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