CNBLUE, Happy 6th years anniversary - Japan Debut!

Its been 6th years already!

Started with only street performance, now they had been so successful and even do their own concert all over the world! Their first Japanese album were publish 6 years ago...but their spirit will never be vanish! I'm so glad that I love you all years by years and I am sure that I will continue loving you guys in the future..Oh man! I just can't...I'm so glad that I addicted to you guys! Let's counting for many years more!! :)


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  1. selamat ulangtahun abangss biru XD
    rindunya CNBLUE Live in Malaysia T__T

  2. wahhhh... congrats to CNBLUE...
    Hope to see them in Malaysia again in future~^^

  3. congrats oppa sekalian.. cinta ku pada mu takkkan pernah berubah T_T <3


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