CARRIE Bac Buster ~ 1st Antibacterial Bodywash & Handwash For Kids!

The presence of harmful bacteria around us is a cause for concern especially for children as it could compromise their healthy growth and development. Educating children on good hygiene is the best way to prevent the spread of infections and diseases. Teaching and reminding our children the principles of proper hygiene can help keep them healthy.

In the practice of personal hygiene, regular hand-washing is most important for children. School going children spend a lot of time out of home and away from parental supervision. They have many activities and interact with so many people and environments. These acts expose them to harmful bacteria that may cause common illnesses like colds, flu, and gastroenteritis as well as skin and eye infections.

Parents are invariably concerned whether their children are washing up properly and whether the cleansing products are truly effective in totally removing harmful bacteria. This is where the solution provided by CARRIE, the leading premium children’s personal care brand can really make a difference. CARRIE BAC BUSTER the 1st Antibacterial Super Bodywash and Antibacterial Super Handwash range specially formulated for children is now launched into the market in Malaysia. 

With younger pre-schoolers, parents or caregivers still bathe them and thus the adult or parent can ensure a proper clean up. With older kids, they bathe independently and hurry through bathing as they rush out for more fun activities, motivating them to clean thoroughly is very important. The CARRIE BAC BUSTER range of products eliminates 99.9% harmful bacteria. Alcohol free, soap free and paraben free, CARRIE BAC BUSTER is clinically proven to be safe and gentle on children’s skin. It also contains plant based moisturizers that help maintain skin moisture balance while ensuring children stay protected from harmful bacteria.


“CARRIE BAC BUSTER is the 1st antibacterial range of personal care products specially formulated for children age 7 years onwards. As a brand that cares for the well-being of children, CARRIE is launching this new range to ensure children stay protected from harmful bacteria and stay healthy,” said Mr Sriram Krishnamurthy the Chief Operating Officer of Wipro Unza (M) Sdn Bhd in his speech.

“At WIPRO UNZA we are constantly innovating and developing products to suit the relevant needs of parents today. Through our research we discovered that parents want their children not to just stay clean but also protected from harmful bacteria. They also want products that are suited to their children’s delicate skin. The new range of CARRIE BAC BUSTER Antibacterial products will give parents the assurance that their children will stay protected at all times from harmful bacteria,” Mr. Sriram added.

The CARRIE BAC BUSTER Antibacterial Super Bodywash and Antibacterial Super Handwash range is interestingly packed in bottles which resemble a superhero’s spaceship and space-gun. CARRIE BAC BUSTER range is available in fruity variants of Blasting Blueberry and Smashing Strawberry. The CARRIE BAC BUSTER Antibacterial Super Bodywash retails at RM4.45 WM / RM4.65 EM for 90gm, RM10.20 WM / RM10.70 EM for the 280gm and RM22.55 WM / RM23.70 EM for the 700gm. The CARRIE BAC BUSTER Antibacterial Super Handwash retails at RM8.15 WM / RM8.55 EM for a 250gm bottle. Prices stated include 6% GST and the range is available at all hypermarkets, supermarkets, leading pharmacy chains and other retail outlets near you.

The new CARRIE BAC BUSTER Antibacterial range specially for children is the first and only ‘one of its kind’ which every parent should have at home!

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