Moist Diane: The Next Generation of Oil Hair Care with PhytoCellTech Technology.

Moist Diane introduces the Next Generation of Oil Hair Care Shampoo & Conditioner to the mass. Bold and miraculous, Moist Diane has arrived at Watsons.

Moist Diane introduces its latest haircare range; Moist Diane Moist & Shine, Volume & Scalp and Moist Diane Extra Damage Repair. This greaseless, silicon- free variant is developed with 3 technologies exclusively for hair and scalp. It repairs, reproduce and activate your hair.

3 Technologies:
  1. Next generation (Botanical Rare Oil). This rare oil is added to the main ingredient Argan Oil for synergistic effect
  2. Assuring the longevity of skin cells: Next generation (PhytoCellTech). New plant cell culture technology invented to protect skin stem cells
  3. Next generation (Phyto Peptides): Ion Complex Technology 
The formulation and technologies provides superior moisturisation, shine, and repair. It also features Cupuacu, Mango Seed Oil, Marula Oil and Lupine Oil to further boost repair.

Infused with the healing and moisturizing properties of Vitamin E, Argan Oil from Morocco has the ability to deeply cleanse, protect and hydrate the hair and scalp after each wash. When applied onto hair, it leaves hair feeling smooth without the grease feel provides. Its Baobab Oil, also known as “Tree of Life” is extracted by cold-pressing the fruit seed of baobab tree. The seeds contain high amount of rare oil which works as an excellent natural hair moisturiser.

Strengthening Ion Complex Technology helps repair hair from the core. Cuticles on the damaged hair are suppressed from lifting up to achieve silky, smooth, healthy-looking hair. And to ensure the longevity of skin cells, its PhytoCellTech utilizes the totipotency of plant stem cells. All plant cells are capable of reproducing pats or entire parts of their structure. Through cell dedifferentiation, it will revert into cells. The PhytoCellTech technology utilizes the wound-healing mechanism of plants.

For women who are looking for a great way to maintain their modern styles between salon visits, Moist Diane provides a triple advantage. Edges are the most delicate part of the hair strand due to the rigors of styling, and it’s an added bonus to know that you’re getting styling, strengthening power and incredible shine with Argan Oil from Morocco -- all in one bottle. We believe our new range of haircare by Moist Diane will give consumers what they want− a healthy, rich long-lasting smooth hair that strengthens, conditions, and adds a “Magical” touch of Moroccan Argan Oil.”

Moist Diane Product Series:

Moist Diane Moist &Shine

Repairs damaged hair remarkably from the core with moisture ingredients. Leads to smoother, brighter hair.

New Generation Hybrid Rare : Argan Oil
Synergy Rare Oil : Cupuacu. Mango Seed Oil
PhytoCellTech Ingredient : Apple Stem Cell
Scalp & Hair Vitamin Ingredients : Vitamin B
Scalp & Hair Protein Ingredients : Amino Acid + Black Pearl, Jellyfish Collagen
Scalp & Hair Repair Ingredients : Complex Technology/ Rice Extract

Moist Diane Volume & Scalp

Recuperates damage scalp without any burden on skin. Rebuilds weakening barrier and moisture function of scalp.

New Generation Hybrid Rare : Argan Oil
Synergy Rare Oil : Marula Oil. Lupine Oil
PhytoCellTech Ingredient : Alp Rose Stem Cell
Scalp & Hair Vitamin Ingredients : Vitamin P. Vitamin H. Coenzyma Q10
Scalp & Hair Protein Ingredients : Collagen. Silk
Scalp & Hair Moisture Ingredient s : Aldavine. Deep Seaweed
Scalp & Hair Repair Ingredients : New Generation Phyto Peptide
Ion Complex Technology/ Rice Extract

Moist Diane Extra Damage Repair

Repairs damaged hair by delivering nourishing moisture deep into the hair. Improves and replaces lost moisture inside hair and seals in the water to keep hair hydrated. Repair ingredients lead to moisture-rich, bright and shiny hair.

Next Generation Hybrid Rare Oil : Cactus oil + Argan Oil
Synergy Rare Oil Ingredient : Cupuasu butter, Mango Seed Oil
PhytoCellTech Ingredient : Apple Stem Cells + Alp Rose Stem Cell
Extra Damage Release : Vitamin
Extra Damage Release : Nanokeratin + live keratin + honeytin amino acid + Black Pearl
Moisture Ingredient : G Hyluronic Acid (3 Types of hyaluronic acid), Jelly Fish Collagen
Scalp & hair Repair Ingredients : Phytopeptide Ion Complex Technology, Rice Extract

I have already tried this shampoo together with the hair treatment, I must say that this shampoo is really good and made my hair less dry and guys should really try using this!

Moist Diane is the new variant in the line of hair care in Malaysia, the Japan technology that you now can get it from your nearest Watson store in Malaysia! 

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