6 travel destinations in Philippines that you might missed!

Have you travel out to Philippines? Hehehe...If you do, have you visited this 6 interesting places..? and if you're preparing to visit there in the future, you might want to consider all this places first!

  • Mount Guiting-Guiting, also known as 'Saw-Tooth Mountain', is the highest point of Sibuyan island and is surrounded by lush, untouched forests. 
  • One of the most difficult climbs in the Philippines is a hike to Mount Guiting-Guiting, this is because of the steep, jagged ridge called "Knife Edge" which one has the cross in order to reach the summit, not to mention the ensuing rock formations with colourful names such as "Kiss the Wall". 

  • With half of it being hills and mountains, Batanes is the northernmost province of the Philippines rich in culture and history.
  • In many ways, the Ivatan house is perhaps the one artifact that reveals the most about Ivatan culture, history and life. The limestone walls were a Spanish addition to strengthen native homes against earthquakes that often ravaged the land (Mt Iraya, the highest peak in Batanes, is an active volcano).


  • Batad is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a village of fewer than 1,500 people with rice terraces that date back as far as two thousand years. 
  • The terraces of Batad are a stunning scene to behold, sculpted like giant staircases from the mountains of Ifugao. Considered a backpackers Mecca by many, the rice terraces are a worthwhile journey.

  • Cuatro Islas is a precious gem of Hindang, Leyte, and a marine sanctuary undiscovered by many people. The island was so pretty. The sandbar had fine white-pink sand, and the water was crystal clear. No other tourists were around. One can walk around the island in 20 minutes.

  • Biri Rock Formation is composed of four small, rocky islands located where the San Bernardino Strait meets the Pacific Ocean and is estimated to have been formed over 5-23 million years. Northern Samar is blessed just like other well-known Philippine destinations. Biri Rock Formations in the island municipality of Biri is one of the province’s prime attractions.

  • The three most commonly visited formations are Magasang, Magsapad, and Macadlao. From the shore, you have to walk on small (and mostly sharp) rocks before reaching them. Quite dangerous but surely worth it for the undeniable view!

  • Only three islands out of the 124 (123 at high tide) that make up Hundred Islands have been developed for tourism. Alaminos in Pangasinan is riddled with utterly captivating forest green coral islands hugged by cerulean waters, which for the most part, are blissfully deserted. Comprised of 123 sun-kissed islets that houses varied wildlife, the Hundred Islands is the poster boy of the province.
  1. The lesser known Shell Island is hugged by cream sands and a shallow lagoon fringed by rock formations.
  2. Marcos Island is a favorite spot for cliff jumping because of its stunning underwater cave with emerald green waters. 
  3. Monkey Island is inhabited by monkeys while Bat Islands is inhabited by bats, but the Turtle Island however doesn’t have turtle residents but is shaped like this timid animal.
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