Taeyang - 눈,코,입 (EYES, NOSE, LIPS)

Sejak kebelakangan ni...Sally jadi suka dengar lagu daripada Taeyang...Taeyang ni merupakan salah sorang anggota kumpulan Big Bang...Sally pernah jugak cerita pasal dia dalam entry Taeyang - Ringa Linga, apa yang best?...

Tapi kali ni...lagu yang dibawa oleh Taeyang, genre dia agak slow daripada Ringa Linga, mmg lain habis...Lagu Eyes, Nose, Lips ni termasuk dalam album solo terbaru Taeyang yang bertajuk "RISE"...lagu dalam tu semua best tapi lagu favorite Sally, Lagu Eyes, Nose, Lips ni...

Lagu ni berkisah kepada frustration...kalau daripada translation, Sally rasa perempuan dalam lagu ni dah mati...tapi kira mcm pakwe dia tak dapat nak lupakan dia la...tapi mungkin jugak salah, kalau korang baca lirik dia...faham tak..?

Don’t be sorry, that makes me more pitiful.
With your pretty red lips, please hurry, kill me and go...I’m all right.
Look at me one last time, Smile like nothing’s wrong, so when I miss you I can remember. So, I can draw your face in my mind.

My selfishness that couldn't let you go, turned into an obsession that imprisoned you.
Were you hurt because of me?
You sit silently, Why am I a fool, why can’t I forget you.You’re already gone.

Your eyes, nose, lips..Your touch that used to touch me, to the ends of your fingertips..I can still feel you but like a burnt out flame, burnt and destroyed..All of our love..It hurts so much, but now I’ll call you a memory.

Love you, loved you..
I must have not been enough..Maybe I could see you just once by coincidence.
Everyday I grow restless, Everything about you is becoming faint.
You smile back in our pictures, unknowing of our approaching farewell.

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  1. ni peminat tegar ni

  2. sedih no bunyinya...let it go... bak kata princess elsa

  3. nak bukak youtube nie kat opis tak boleh laa plak..hehe..ini kira dia buat solo track ker??



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