2014 CNBLUE Live Can’t Stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Past few days, IME Production have given us, BOICEs in Malaysia...a good news!

Today, I've got the seating plan and also the launch day for the concert that we will be having fun at in August! The details as per below...

Copied from IME Productions Facebook Page.

Date : 9th August 2014
(Second week of Raya celebration)
Venue : Stadium Negara
Time : 7.30 pm

The ticket launch will be held on May 17th (Saturday) at Sungei Wang Plaza concourse area from 5pm till 9pm... The first 1000 purchasers come together with an exclusive LIMITED EDITION 20" x 30" giant concert poster, first come first serve basis.

To who that can’t make it to ticket launch, they can purchase ticket via TicketCharge (www.ticketcharge.com.my) starting from May 17th (Saturday) after 10pm.

(This would including me...Money finished already in CS Singapore)

Ticket outlet sales will begin on May 19th (Monday), you can visit to TicketCharge office, Speedy music store, Rock Corner music store, Victoria music center, Neway Karaoke outlet and Celcom Blue Cube outlet or may call TicketCharge hotline (603) 92228811 or IME Productions at (011) 23166198 for ticket purchase.

Ticket prices for 2014 CNBLUE Live Can’t Stop in KUALA LUMPUR as below:-
VVIP - RM588 (number seat)
Rock Zone - RM548 (standing)
VVIP 2 – RM548 (number seat)
PS1 - RM488 (number seat)
PS2 - RM388 (number seat)
PS3 - RM288 (free seating)
PS4 - RM188 (free seating
*Each BOICE limit to purchase 8 tickets per person (If you're buying for others)

Quite a short notice though...I don't think I can queue for the launching this Saturday! LOL...but still I'm going to purchase the ticket after this...Gonna meet my boys again! Gosh! already missed them even just saw them few days ago...hehehe...till then, chow!
I will update if there is new news again :)



Guys! The ticket were selling quite fast for this time...hurry up and get yours as soon as possible...hahahaha..but please leave a piece for me in Rock Zone A! Hahahahaha...

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  1. Pergi juga yang ni ke kak Sally? Daebak la

    1. mcm menipu pulak kalau dalam negara sendiri tak pergi kan..hahaha

  2. yg ne opkos lah sally pogi ye dok...sdgkan yg kat s.pore pon sally sampai ne kan pulak negara sendiri..kang menyesal tak sudah kalau x pegi..kan sally kan..rugi tu...hihihihi..yelah kutt2 5tahun akan datang baru dapat jumpe boyfie tu...

    1. hahaha...sally akan pastikan sally jumpa dorang setiap tahun..bukan selang 5 tahun :D

  3. hihihihi.
    habis je concert wish birthday qila tau hehehhe <3
    go kak sally goooogoooo!!!
    \\// Woot woot.
    boice hoyeah <333

    1. patut delete komen ni tadi..hahahaha....
      jgn nak woot woot sgt....
      kang kalau kak sally g lagi...qila kena support kak sally nak raya!

  4. tuuu diaa...Sally dan CN Bluenya...

  5. takut nak baca, tapi terbaca jugak... akk tak nak pergi!!! adeh, stress...hhee

    1. Alamak! kenapa akak boleh terbaca ni kak...jangannnnn~

  6. Nak pergiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! *dalam mimpi* hee

    1. alaaaa...jgn la mimpi sally...jom kita g sekali nak? :)


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