Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Lee Jong Hyun!

Kalau korang dah baca entry 2014 CNBLUE Can't Stop Live in Singapore [Part 2], mesti korang dah boleh agak kan birthday sape yang akan menjengah pada hari ni...hehehe....hooray!

Credit : SGFC Design Team
 Bermula la sesi #BurningGuitaristDay hari ni...since pukul 11pm tadi lagi sebenarnya..hehehe...biasala...confirm jadi viral punya....mana tak nya..ramai gila kot yang minat Jong Hyun ni...dia kan member yang paling handsome dalam kumpulan CNBLUE...lagipun kan sebab perbezaan masa...So, mmg la awal sikit kat Korea tu...

Credit : Soh Kai Ling (Lingskl)
To our Burning Guitarist,
Lee Jong Hyun...
Happy 25th Birthday...
May God bless!
Keep being awesome and handsome...hahahaha....

생일 축하합니다! 항상 건강하시고 행복하세요!
(Happy birthday! Always stay healthy and stay happy!)
이 특별한 날에 너의 소원이 모두 이루어지길!
(And may all your wish come true on your birthday!)


p/s : Short update about the second picture...
Jong Hyun was smiling after he saw the rainbow sea project that we've made that Singapore...He was in the middle of singing "Love Light" in Encore...and He just stopped a while and say..."Wah, It's so beautiful.." and continue with the singing...


  1. Rambut Jonghyun macam ahjumma >.<

    1. hahaha...kalau tak buat rambut camtu...takde la jadi king of flipping hair :D

  2. happy birthday lee jong hyun!!!!


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