Sustainable Smart Living House.

 Nowadays, people keep talking about the increasing of the utility bills and other related stuff in Malaysia. The lower income citizen especially, they really feels hopeless with the continuously increasing stuff that they have to bear. With utilities bills on the rise, today, I would like to share with you'll to see the chances to live in a home that showcases sustainability, without sacrificing comfort or style.

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  1. Purchase 5-star energy efficient fans and use appropriate fan speed. Use only when needed.
  2. Use suitable night curtains to reduce heat and get a good sleep, During day, use suitable curtain.
  1. Don't take unnecessary long showers to conserve energy and also water consumption.
  2. Buy solar water heater if possible and just use when it necessary.
  3. Unplug shavers, hairdryers and other beauty tools once you have finished using it.
  4. If you use a battery-powered beauty tools or tooth brush, use rechargeable energy sufficient batteries.
  5. Minimize the usage of the water and reuse water whenever possible.
  6. Repair leaks as soon as they are discovered.
  1. Unplug router when not in use to save energy and to protect it from electric surges during thunderstorms.
  2. Use task lighting to light up work desk.
  3. Turn off all plugs when not in use and don't forget to unplug.
  1. Use energy efficient lighting.
  2. Use daylight sensor / auto sensor light to ensure the light will be turned on / off when needed.
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  1. Make use of natural light as much as possible.
  2. Buy 5-star energy efficient television, if possible.
  3. Turn off all plugs (television/DVD player/radio/Astro) when not in use and don't forget to unplug.
  4. If possible, purchase a surge protector that can allow you to shut off power to all entertainment electronics in one click.
  5. Use furniture manufactured from locally-sourced material with cooling properties such as bamboo and teak.
  6. Use suitable curtains to reduce heat.
  1. Reheat or cook in smaller portion.
  2. If possible, buy 5-star energy efficient microwave to reheat or just use the stove.
  1. Iron as many clothes as possible at one time.
  2. Wash your cloth using the washing machine when only in full loads.
  3. Use the power of sun to dry the cloth instead of using the cloth dryers.
Credits to the articles from SEDA Malaysia books.
There's so many ways that we can actually implement in our routine of daily life to ensure that we can get our own sustainable smart living house and that should starts with our self. You can make a difference by combining the best appliances with an efficient, sensible approach to using energy. Let's have a better Malaysia with better environment.

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