Friend's Best Friends.

Happy Friday guys...lately I've loved to express my feelings about friendship..I've seen, I've known so many people but only lately I've know exactly what is friendship...Maybe not knowing like so many things..Maybe just a little tiny facts about it.

Friend: calls your parents by mr. and mrs.
Best friend: calls your parents the same as you called them.

Friend: has never seen you cry
Best friend: has always had the best shoulder to cry on

Friend: never asks for anything to eat or drink
Best friend: opens the fridge and makes herself at home

Friend: asks you to write down your number.
Best friend: they ask you for their number (cuz they can't remember it!)

Friend: borrows your stuff for a few days then gives it back.
Best friend: has a closet full of your stuff

Friend: only knows a few things about you
Best friend: could write a biography on your life

Friend: will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing
Best friend: will always go with you

Sometime, the person that we've known for years will never understand us even we've shared the same story...And sometimes, the person that we've known for 2-3 days will understand us, choose wisely the people that you want to keep near you..

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  1. be my best friend please....hehe

  2. kawan dan sahabat mmg tak sama.. kawan senang cari tp sahabat belum tentu ada..

  3. Bukan senang nak dapat sahabat yang baik :)

    1. Betul tu sally..kalau ada tu jaga la sebaiknya ;)

  4. susah nak dapat kawan yang boleh menjadi sahabat..

    1. Betul tu kak..InsyaAllah..sally akan jaga sahabat-sahabat sally... ;)


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