NEWS | FT Island and CNBLUE to Appear in a FNC Reality Drama

FNC Entertainment is keeping in the family with its next project.

Cheongdam-dong 111, a FNC reality drama, is set to premiere on tvN on November 21.

The 8-episode long reality drama will show things that happen inside FNC Entertainment. The stars who work with the FNC Entertainment include FT Island, CNBLUE, AOA, Juniel, Song Eun Yi, Actor Lee Dong Gun, and Park Kwang Hyun.

The drama will show not only the celebrities, but everyone else who works in the building such as the CEO, managers, office assistants, and the trainees who are preparing for their debut in the future.

As a reality drama, there will be no scripts, and it will focus on how things work in an entertainment company, such as the process of debuting a new celebrity, and making them into a star.

One of the funny points to look forward to in this drama will be the ‘Tom and Jerry’ relationship between FT Island’s member Lee Hong Gi and the CEO Han Sung Ho.

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FNC Agency : FT Island, CNBLUE, AOA, Juniel, N-Flying

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  1. memang macam satu family kan diorang ni,hehe :) kak sally,gambar tu animated eh? saya baru perasan,hehe... ingatkan gerak2 tu sebab loading...

  2. ika kenal yong hwa je dengan lead kumpulan ft-island tu sebab tengok cerita You're Beautiful dulu.. :)

  3. mcm best jer~~ bile agaknya ada dlm tv malaysia ni :D

  4. Siap buat drama lagi..macam best je, macam best je...


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