Don't Care.


If I were you, I’d look in the mirror,
If I were you, I would be cautious and calm,
Such a beautiful blossom, beautiful tree and many beautiful things,
But that is not your case. You don’t know the beauty of life.

I don’t care. I have my friends to wait for me,
I don’t care. I have my fans to support me,
I’m gonna be okay. Gonna be okay,
I don’t care. I believe in my everything.

Thank you, friends. I’m not alone. Be with me, guys
Thank you, fans. You’re not alone. I’ll be with you
I’m gonna be okay. Gonna be okay
I don’t care. I believe in my everything

Don't Care - CNBLUE

p/s : I really don't care with what other people may say about me...because I know that the person beside me, my friend, my family only may judged me...instead of telling people the black side of me, why don't you try to know my better side..? I think we would be better as friend instead of enemy...don't you think so..?

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  1. tu lagu cnblue ke?
    betul tu.. kenapa nak carik musuh.. lebih baik berkawan :)

  2. Yup, saya setuju :-)

    Dalam hidup kita perlukan pendirian sendiri, tak perlu sentiasa mengikut kata orang lain.

  3. hanya org trdekat ngan kite yang knal kite...sokong sally...^_^

  4. setuju ngan sally..
    usah pedulikan apa orang lain kata tentang kita.. just caring about people that love us.. hehehe

  5. lagu cnblue erk
    menarik liriknya
    aah percaya pd diri sendiri!

  6. betul tu kak sally..jadi diri sendiri kerana diri kita sangat berharga :)

  7. yes. don't care at all. :)

  8. setuju! :) tu lagu CNBLUE ke? hehe :)

  9. sangat sangat sangat setuju dengan sally :D


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