CNBLUE going to released Best Japan Album - PRESENT

CNBLUE is set to release their first best Japan album titled PRESENT.

FNC Entertainment, CNBLUE’s agency, announced that the official name of the album is CNBLUE Japan Best ‘PRESENT’ and it will present the Korean version of CNBLUE’s ten Japanese songs.

Photo credit: FNC Entertainment

This will be the first time that the group will be releasing a best album and it is also worth mentioning that the ten songs were written by the CNBLUE members and have been transformed into Korean versions by the members as well.

The title track of the album is LADY which is written by Jung Yong Hwa and was released in Japan on November 7th. LADY is a disco style song reflecting 70’s music and charted at number two on the Japanese Oricon chart and number one on the Japanese ringtone chart for a month.

The other tracks include One More Time, Blind Love, Robot, Time Is Over, Come On, Let Me Know, I Can’t Believe, Greedy Man and My Miracle.

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  1. nanti ika tanya kat kawan ika tu tau, mana tahu dia boleh dapatkan album dengan signature tuk sally ngeee :D
    ika tak leh chat sally kat shoutbox, sally punya shoutbox appear offline :(

  2. yg belah kanan paling hujung tu xD the heirs!

  3. kak mazni,betul betul,hehe...dia berlakon dalam the heirs kan? kang min hyuk! teehee :D alolo,diorang nak bagi bunga kat sape tu,kak sally? kat saya eh :p haha

  4. makcik tak paham bahse omputeh ni :P :P

    bestnye kalau boleh dpt album dorg kan.. stakat ni artis malaysia makcik ada 3 otograp jekkk


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