CNBLUE | CNBLUE Documentary movie!

Band CNBLUE's first documentary film, 'The Story of CNBLUE: NEVER STOP', will be airing in theaters all across Japan. CNBLUE announced the airing of their film at their special event in Tokyo for their concert DVD release.
They announced that the launching date for the film would be January 17th, 2014.

"the movie will include members private life as well, concert scenes, interviews etc"
"there will be a scene taken from their house in the movie during the recording was Jung Shin turn in cooking. he said, "I did my best at that time.."

Jong Hyun mentioned recording of movie in their house was really opened. He said he showed everything!!

This film will focus on CNBLUE's behind-the-scene footage from their personal life, world tour and other promotions. Many BOICE will have the opportunity to watch this movie in theaters soon!

Sally! save the date!!! ^_^

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