A Man, A Lovers.

I'll stay,
I'll stay there, 
A place from where I can reach her any time she holds out her hand,
A place from where I can visit her any time she calls for me,
I'll stay there without changing,
Because I love her.

Because she was the one I chose,
Even the pain made me happy,
If she looks back at me just once,
I'm happy with that.

Until someone come to watch over her for me,
I'll stay by her side for the time being,
Because this is a love where I'm just happy to gaze at her,
I don't need anything in return,
So that she can lean on me and rest any time,
Even if she leaves me without saying goodbye,
I'll let her go and saying thanks.

#Wishing that one day, I will blessed with this kind of man by my side and I'll be the same way as him...

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  1. hopefully u will find someone that will always love u forever..:)

  2. hmm one day will be kak sally. hana pown mengharapkan yang sama. :')

  3. best kan kalo ada lelaki yg mcm ni. mencintai kita with no condition.. ^_^
    semoga lelaki tersebut tiba dalam hidup sally . lmbt atau cpat ^_^

  4. syukur... insyaallah akan ada untuk sally ..

  5. hmm.. betul jugak kan quote dlm gmbr tu.. hehe

  6. kuar tajuk . drama korea baru , housekeeper kat 393 best . ada lawak sikit ...

  7. but after all, you will realize that His love will be the only love that can uphold your dreams. Love 'him' because of Him and feel the love that given by Him through 'him'. May Allah sent you the true love. :)

  8. Selamat pagi Sally :)

    moga dipermudahkan ke arah itu ye Sally.. akan ada, InsyaAllah..

  9. insyaALLAH...ALLAH dah cipta kita semua berpasangan.. :)

  10. woww.. pandai sally bermadah chenta ;)


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