Things I wanted without worries!

  • You eat whatever you want without ever getting fat
  • The Wi-Fi you want to steal requires no password
  • You find your other half at first try (indeed!!)
  • Certain unnecessary movie sequals are never made (macam SmallVille tu..aishh!)
  • There is always milk for the cereal
  • That thing you want comes in your favorite color
  • People can differentiate between "your" and "you're"
  • You could be batman
  • The weather man is always right
  • The battery is always full at the right time
  • The others socks never goes missing
  • Stickers always peel of clean
Apa lagi ek...? apa benda yang korang nak buat tanpa perlu fikir ada kesan or takde..?

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  1. Ermm kalau semua semua nk senang2 jer tanpa perlu bersusah payah langsung.. tp rasanya semua tue adalah sesuatu yg mustahil kan..hehehe


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