Facts about Jung Yong Hwa.

hehehe..belum sebulan lagi ye..so, penyakit meroyan still available..hahaha...tgh sejuk beku dalam office ni...keja semua dah settle tinggal keja petang karang je sebab kena tunggu boss masuk dulu...so, meh kenal-kenal dengan "kawan baik" sally meh..hahaha...
  1. Real Name : Jung Yong Hwa / Jeong Yong Hwa (정용화)  
  2. Yonghwa was born in 22.06.1989
  3. Yonghwa’s birth place is Busan.
  4. Yonghwa’s body secrete –> There’s Red dot on his arm.
  5. Yonghwa has a nickname when he was young, thats “Yong Yong”.
  6. Yonghwa’s Favorite seasons are Spring and Winter.
  7. Yonghwa's said he want to get married when he wants to, never care about age.
  8. Yonghwa's wanna has two children when he got married. 
  9. Yonghwa's hate bees and cockroaches.
  10. Yonghwa’s Favorite fashion brand : Lanvin, Givenchy Watanabe Junya.
  11. Yonghwa’s favorite fashion items are Shoes, clothes with a point.
  12. Yonghwa ususally drinks a cup of coffee as soon as he wakes up in the morning.
  13. Listening to music or composing are Yonghwa activities just before he fall asleep.
  14. Yonghwa’s favorite animal is Tiger. That’s why he loves leopard things.
  15. Yonghwa’s motto of life >> “Power of positiveness.”
  16. Yonghwa’s first love is when he was 1st year of middle school.
  17. Yonghwa ever been dumped, because he can’t say ‘let’s part’ to girl.
  18. Name of Yonghwa’s dog is Jjing.
  19. Thriller is Yonghwa’s favorite movie genre
  20. Yonghwa good at playing basket ball.
  21. Yonghwa said when he get tired, he’ll listen to CNBLUE ‘One time’. 
  22. Yonghwa’s favorite food is Meat, Spaghetti
  23. Yonghwa has one brother.
  24. If Yonghwa has a summer vacation, he wanna go to sea.
  25. For Yonghwa, the happiest moment in his life is every time of live performance. 
  26. Part of Yonghwa’s body or face he like is Eyes.
  27. Although Yonghwa doesn’t compose, he turn on the composing software everyday.
  28. Subject that Yonghwa was good at are English and Physical education, but poor in math.
  29. Yonghwa revealed that his specialty is imitating.
  30. MP3 player, wallet are things that yonghwa keep with him everyday.
  31. Yonghwa never be afraid of ghost thing, but he afraid of goldfish.
  32. Yonghwa said his lucky number is “1″.
  33. Yonghwa favorite behavior or face expression of women -“Smiling face”
  34. Yonghwa likes accessories and he loves star shape.
  35. One of Yonghwa’s favorite song is Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”.
  36. Who is your close celebrity? Yonghwa: FT Island.
  37. Yonghwa can cook Ddukboki (rice cake with chili paste) or Fried rice & kimchi.
  38. Love light song is Yonghwa’s story of first love.He met the girl at institute and he was attracted by first sight. (Jealous) 
  39. All Yonghwa’s family member are a cautious A blood type.
  40. Usually, Yonghwa likes wearing T-shirt and jeans.
  41. As the oldest and the leader of CNBLUE, naturally Yonghwa think about his dongsaengs.Minhyuk said Yonghwa took a very good care of dongsaengs. Once he had a stomachache, Yonghwa even gave him a stomach massage.
  42. Yonghwa also can play piano, he learned it since he was young.(Melting) 
  43. YongHwa like someone who can understand him and give him 100% support as his life partner.(Me!)
  44. Profession : singer, lyricist, composer, arranger, songwriter, guitarist, rapper, actor and model.
  45. Position in CNBLUE : Leader, Main Vocalist, Rapper, Rhythm Guitarist
hehehe..cukup la tu..kang kalau tau banyak-banyak terjatuh hati pulak nanti..hehehe.... banyak ciri-ciri lelaki idaman ni...boleh la bawak balik jumpe ibu ni... kot-kot kalau dia nak buat menantu ke kan..eh..?

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  1. pergggghhhh byk gila tu fakta tentang yong hwa.. ^_^

    1. Actually ada 100...sally cut off dah ni..hahaha

  2. bole la share kat kawan saya yang minat y0ng hwa gak lepas ni....hihi

  3. banyak betul facts pasal boyfriend sally ni... ^_^

  4. banyak betul fact..
    penat nak baca..
    tapi demi yong hwa ku gagahi jua.. :p

  5. sally dah betul-betul mengenali dia ni.. muda lagi umur dia ya..


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