CNBLUE | Jonghyun is now owner of a puppy ♥

jjong puppy
화이트 포메라니안을 입양해가신 종현씨~
실물이 넘넘 잘생긴거있죠??♥
에스엠 건물 옆에 있었을때는 자주뵜는데~ㅠ
앞으로도 자주자주 놀러오시고
울 이쁜이 많이 이뻐해주세요~
Jonghyun-sshi adopted (bought) a white Pomeranian~
Isn’t the puffball look really,really good??♥
When the shop was near SM we often met each other~ㅠ
In the future I hope we can hang out often too
Please love our cutie (puppy)~
p/s : COMEL gila kan puppy dia! ni antara member yang sally minat lepas Yong Hwa ^_^

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