Ski Resorts in Gangwon, South Korea.

Honestly I am not a winter person...I never even dream on playing with snow, I hate the coldness but as my favorite country; South Korea have their own four seasons, so I decided to share with you guys the ski resorts that available in Gangwon area.

Why Gangwon?

Gangwon is the snowiest province in Korea. For about 66 days from November to March, Gangwon has an average of 250cm of snow. The average temperature is about -4.8°c throughout the winter, which maintains optimal ski conditions so that skiers can demonstrate their full capacities. Gangwon’s eight large-scale recreation resorts are most popular among Korean people in winter. Each resort has great slopes for skiing and snowboarding, unique events and a variety of accommodations for everyone’s comfort and convenience.

1. Alpensia Ski Resort
Alpensia Ski Resort is an entertainment destination centre located at the highland which stands 700m above sea level, the optimum height for the human health and biorhythm. It has been designed by Cuningham Group which participated in the development of the world’s famous theme parks such as Warner Bros. Movie World and Universal Studios. Alpensia features many fascinating facilities including main stadium, ecological golf courses and world-class ski slopes and ski jump slopes to host the Winter Olympic Games perfectly.

2. Elysian Gangchon
It only takes 40 minutes by train to get to Elysian Gangchon from Seoul. Gangchon guarantees exciting and comfortable skiing with 1,000m for beginners, intermediate skiers, and experts. Enjoy stable and comfortable skiing on valley slopes and exciting and refreshing skiing on ridgeline slopes. Night skiing operates until 2:00 a.m. A theme park made of 10 themes is another unique attraction of Gangchon and Gangchon Channel Park is an extreme park that takes anybody, from beginners to pro skiers, to the world of fantastic extremes.

3. Hansol Oak Valley
Hansol Oak Valley includes nine variously themed slopes, express lifts, and world-class half pipe courses. Oak Valley Snow Park is a fusion project that combines a ski resort, golf course, and condominiums. As its name says, skiers ski down slopes along snow-covered oak forests. The slopes were designed by world-renowned Snow Engineering from the U.S. and the golf course was designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. Enjoy skiing at a European Mediterranean-style resort.

4. Welli Hilli Park
Welli Hilli Park’s slopes were designed by Paul Matthews of Canada’s ECOSIGN, one of the world’s most well-known designers who specializes in ski slopes, and has been recognized by the International Ski Federation for its size and safety. As the host of the 2009 Snowboard World Championships, it will be widely introduced as a mecca for snowboarding. Korea’s greatest fun park (Terrain Park) is an eye-catching area that allows both experts and beginners to perform ‘techniques.’ All slopes are opened to snowboarders; the Half Pipe Park, exclusive for snowboarding, is most popular among snowboarders.

5. Daemyung Vivaldi Park
Daemyung Vivaldi Park is a leisure complex having water themed park, golf club and horse riding club as well. Along with a good accessibility from Seoul area, many visitors continuously find Daemyung Vivaldi Park. Daemyung Vivaldi Park starts with very new program as Viva K-Food Festival from Winter season of 2015. Uniquely Viva K-Food festival is a combination of ski training and Korean food experience. In this festival, you can learn skiing as well as attend Korean food cooking class! And of course, you will have a chance to try the street food styled snack as Tteokbokki and others.

6. Bokwang Phoenix Park
Bokwang Phoenix Park proudly presents the natural valley slope of 1,050m-tall Mt. Taegi with outstanding snow conditions. It’s the best ski resort in Korea with 12 world-class slopes, 8 ski chairlifts, 6 sun-kid lifts and a modern gondola made by Doppelmire. Each of the 21 courses has unique designs, looking out to the 500m-wide panoramic ski base, and guarantees dynamic and exciting speed. Various attractions in the Terrain Park include the Extreme Park for beginners and a mini half pipe and jumping deck for snowboarders. Night skiing ends at 5:00 AM.

7. Yongpyong Resort
Yongpyong Resort is Asia’s second ski resort to be certified by the International Ski Federation. It succesfully held the World Cup Ski Competition in 1998 and 2000 and the 1999 Winter Asian Games and has been very popular among skiers from Europe and other parts of Asia. Twenty-seven slopes, including the Rainbow Slopes, and an average of 250cm of snow every Winter makes Yongpyong the best ski resort in the world. Yongpyong resort with Korea's first Terrain Park and Korea's widest slope at 180m is the pride of the region. It is planning to develop up to 48 slopes and 24 lifts to become an even larger ski resort.

8. High 1 Resort
High 1 Resort with a short history but with amazing facilities is one of the major ski resorts in Korea. High 1 resort is a big complex of accommodation, golf, themed park, ski and casino. Go! Go! ski program by High 1 Resort is consist of 4 days. First and second day, you can have a basic ski lesson and Gala dinner. On third day, you can have a competition with others to win the prize in the ceremony!

Have you guys ever went to either one of the resorts listed? Share your thought! :)

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