How to download from Dramafire, Dramacool, Dramago, GoodDrama, YoDrama, Anime4you, AnimeHere, AnimeToon and Anime44?

Hello people!

As you know, I'm quite addicted with everything related to Korea, mostly about the foods, the country itself, KPOP and not forgotten, the drama series!

I know this is not actually a new things, but just wanted to share with you guys who love to download Korean drama, Japanese, Asian or even animes from Dramafire, Dramacool, Dramago, GoodDrama, YoDrama, Anime4you, AnimeHere, AnimeToon, can actually use this method to download it..!

All you have to do is....
1. Copy the episode LINK that you wish to download.
2. Open in new tab
3. Paste the link, click CONTINUE and just download it from there!
4. Get your download episode, and save it!

So, easy aite..?

Happy downloading!


or to DramaGo user, you also can try to download from the same style and fast downloading too!

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  1. Wah memang senang dan mudah lah... thanks kak sal (=

  2. kat na nak ambik link drama pilihan tu Sally, U tube ka..hehe..

  3. dah faham dah Sally..ok dah dapat link..:D

  4. haip haip...sape dlm gambar tuh...yang belah kanan tu, acammm kenal jer :D hehehehe

  5. hehehe buat je tutorial Sally.. ramai sebenarnya yang still blur blur ayam..
    CT depends on citer.. kalo yg suam2 kuku tp hero best tngk online je.. malas dload..

  6. mcm mana nk save???
    blh x ajar sya???

    1. right click dan pilih "save as"...pastikan download mp4 punya format

  7. Klu download melalui phone boley tak ?

  8. Alhamdulilah, ada pun... Terima kasih kak kongsikan lin dan cara nak doload...
    Hihihi gonna download all episodes of Descendants of The Sun..!! ^_^

  9. is there any way to download from dramafire? drama downloader is offline right now

  10. i dah copy but can't :( how? boleh explain lebih lanjut skit tak hehe TQ

  11. You may also try this method

  12. The following guide can help you to download  DramaFire videos at

  13. Dramadownloader is not working is there any other way to download?


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