What happened to me when my favourite bands come to Malaysia.

There is always a time when the concert 'kakis' will facing this problem. The problem will getting worse when your favorite band is actually from outside Malaysia.

1. "OMG OMG Malaysia?! Sure it's not Singapore??"
(What actually happened when I saw the tour country list)
I can't believe they will actually going to breathe the same air as me!

2. "Aiyah, why are tickets so expensive?"

3. Buys ticket(s) anyway
(I can't say no)

4. Some spent too much time thinking. Now tickets are sold out.
(Will never happened to me except for this incoming 2015 Taeyang World Tour 'RISE' Live in Malaysia)

5. Desperately search the Internet and listen to the radio for contests and giveaways
You might just be lucky enough to score some free tickets and backstage passes to meet your favorite artiste in person!
(ERA.FM, why you no give me lorrrr)

6. Take leave or skip school to queue up early on the day of the concert
Some fans are probably staying overnight just to get close enough to the stage. Errr...luckily the concert is happened on Saturday.

7. Make sure phones, tablets and power banks are fully charged
Double check, triple check, and check again. No moment shall go unrecorded..!!!

8. Wish you were one of the fans who scored meet-and-greet passes

9. Protect your spot in the queue like a mother hen guards her chicks.


11. RACE TO THE FRONT LIKE USAIN BOLT after ushers tear your ticket stub!

12. Constantly checking your watch because five minutes feels like an hour!
The loooooong wait for the concert to begin is an ultimate test of patience, especially after the opening acts have finished their set. The wait in-between is THE ABSOLUTE WORST.

13. But all is forgiven when your idols FINALLY appear on stage! Oppaaaaaa!

14. Your legs turn to jelly when the lead singer winks at you. Perasan la konon...

15. There is no better feeling of unity than when the singer leads the crowd on a massive sing-a-long

16. The band throws guitar picks and towels to the crowd, but your bad luck makes sure none of it reaches you.

17. Spend whatever money you have left on official merchandise to commemorate the best day of your life.

Well, this really happened to me whenever CNBLUE is coming to Malaysia (or worse I'll go and meet them in Singapore or other country..hahaha)...

I might say, this obsession is killing me. Always. Forever.

I will never can say NO to them because I missed them so badly.


Well, I am..seriously.

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  1. Hahahahahaahhahahahaha ! Boleh bayangkan okay semua tu. Hahaha. By the way kita da tolong dah tabungkan sikit. :D

  2. Click tabung akak ke konsert seterusnya! hahaha

  3. Hahahahaha. amboii macam macam rasa ada :D

  4. macam2 reaction kan...hahaaha

  5. haha, betul2, boleh bayangkan semua tu.. haha, hope sis sally kita berjaya ye.. haha, goodluck!
    Zue dah tolong tabungkan jugak!! :)

  6. Wahahahha so obsesssss !! Sha macam ni gak waktu sekolah dulu.... last2 kecewa... layan kaset je...

  7. Boleh bayang semua reaksi ni kak Sally

  8. hahaha kelakar lah Sally.. gelak2 CT bace..
    rajin nye nak pegi konsert. adus tengok tiket mmg mencekik..
    plus kalo mak CT tahu mmg kena hambat =p
    tngk oppa kat screen ajelah..


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