Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2014 Korea Day in Malaysia.

Korean freaks in Malaysia! Say Hi to Korea Day in Malaysia that will be held in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre on 24th to 26th July 2014. 2014 Korea Day in Malaysia is brought to you by Korean Society in Malaysia and supported by KOTRA and Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and others agencies.

This 3 days exhibition is brought to you to let you explore more about Korean culture and opened an opportunity to Korean people in Malaysia to promote their business in Malaysia.

2014 Youth Music Contest

As part of Korean Wave in Malaysia...Korean Society in Malaysia will be organizing an event called 2014 Youth Music Contest that will be held with Korea Day events. They are expecting many talented Korean and Local Youths to join the contest!

When : July 26th, 2014 (Saturday)
Where : Midvalley Exhibition Centre
Who : Korean and Local Youths
Genre : Singing, Dancing, Musical Performance
(Required 2 songs for each stage)
*They will not offer musical instruments for performance.
Email :
Phone : 03-6203-3834/2834

Teenagers and youths early 20s can join this music contest, and it will be a competition with prizes. The contest is going to be like, youths will do musical performances (dancing, singing, musical performance and etc) and they will be graded and get prizes. It is as normal as other music contest. The time for contest is not specifically decided yet. They will schedule the time and let everyone know. Required 2 songs for each stage means you will be given 8-10 min time to perform.


  1. agak agak ade bigbang tak>? hahaha :P

    1. Mana ada DF...tu contest untuk yang minat kpop, yang buat persembahan orang biasa je...mmg takkan ada artis daripada Korea :)

  2. Wahhhh...menarik gilaaa...mesti best kalau leh g...kena tgk jadual nih..kot2 berkesempatan...

    1. hehehe...please..please turun KL lagi...puhlissss~

  3. Replies
    1. tu la..timing dia tak best kan anim..? weekdays kot!

  4. mesti gembira semua peminat korea ni.. :) heheh

  5. Nak pergi! Nak feeling feeling Korea jugak ehehe

  6. Bestnya. Tapi, tak dapat nak pergi.

  7. bestnya..macam nak pergi..hihi :)


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