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Drummer - Kang Min Hyuk
1. Kang Minhyuk has a specialty in flute. Next to drums, it’s the instrument he can play very well.
2. He naturally likes older women because he also has an older sister that treats him well.
3. Minhyuk excels in sports. He likes Baseball, Soccer and Basketball.
4. His middle school nickname was Kang Goon (Kang – his last name; Goon – a Korean term for a young lady).
5. He loves playing games on his PSP.
6. He met Jungshin for the 1st time at the Ilsan English School.
7. For Minhyuk, music and food are the same in his life, a day without music would leave you very uneasy.
8. The girl group that he wants to be close with is Wonder Girls.
9. Minhyuk also wants to be host (MC) with Kim Heechul of Super Junior.
10. He admits in reacting very slow in love, so if he was a girl he would choose Jungshin because he is funny and lively most of the time.
11. Through the drama, “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter”, Minhyuk and Super Junior’s Donghae grew a closer brother-like relationship.
12. When it comes to girls, Minhyuk does not care about looks and likes someone he feels comfortable with.
13. Minhyuk’s dad is his drum teacher.
14. Minhyuk is the type who’s stable and quiet. But when he’s feeling good he can be quite playful.
15. Minhyuk hopes to become a drummer like the Dream Theater Mike Portnoy.
16. Minhyuk likes anime such as Bleach, Naruto and One Piece.
17. Minhyuk and FT Island’s Minhwan became close after meeting 3 times. They became close so quickly because they share the same interests.
18. Minhyuk makes an effort to practice playing drums more recently since his drama is over.
19. Minhyuk’s recent favorite songs are by Owl City. He said “They sound very refreshing and their style is very unique, sometimes dreamy, and sometimes sunshine-bright. So I like their songs a lot.”
20. Minhyuk is a big fan of Kim Tae Hee (IRIS, Love Story in Harvard) and he really love to meet her in person.
21. Minhyuk revealed in order to get familiar with the camera; he did a lot of practice in private.
22. He had fallen for “very spicy jjigae” which he didn’t liked eating before.
23. He is voted as The Coolest Member of CNBLUE.
24. Minhyuk likes wearing sweats /training suits and also the neat and tidy, smart type of clothes.
25. His skin is very smooth like a baby and other CNBLUE members are admitting in following his skin care practices.

Guitarist, Second Vocalist : Lee Jong Hyun

1. Lee Jonghyun likes girls who look good in simple white shirt and jeans.
2. His favorite meal is the Yoshinoya’s A-set.
3. He felt so lucky debuting with CNBLUE because he got to meet Kim Bum Soo, his idol.
4. Jonghyun has a lot of Adidas training wear.
5. Among many songs that Jonghyun composed, he is most satisfied with “Lie”.
6. Jonghyun envies Minhyuk, because he has a sexy body.
7. When Jonghyun was in primary three, his friends suspected that he wasn’t a Korean, so he ran back home to ask his father about his ‘origin’.
8. Jonghyun wants to perform in a rock festival like Summer Sonic (Japanese Rock Fest), with many other artists.
9. He is CNBLUE’s second leader and Yonghwa thinks he helps to firmly pull the team together. He is very reliable.
10. Among the CNBLUE members, Jonghyun is the touchiest. He naturally massages, leans on other’s shoulder, hug and hold hands with other members.
11. Jonghyun said if he isn’t in CNBLUE, he wants to be an athlete.
12. All members of CNBLUE said in an interview that Lee Jonghyun is the member that likes pretty girls the most.
13. Jonghyun was athlete of Taekwondo and Judo. He got Black belt for both.
14. Jonghyun is a second child and has an elder sister.
15. Jonghyun wanted to learn drums.
16. Jonghyun doesn’t like spaghetti.
17. Jonghyun’s first kiss was when he was 2nd year of middle school, at the stair of institute.
18. On his 20th birthday, Jonghyun got a DVD of Son Ye Jin’s (his ideal woman) movies from fans.
19. Jonghyun even has the same guitar as Carlos Santana. It’s a PRS guitar.
20. He’s the most trusted among the members and he takes care of everybody.
21. He thinks he looks more handsome after taking a bath.
22. Jonghyun talks about love: “When you fall, you fall and your head hurts so you get dizzy.”
23. Jonghyun shakes his legs before going to the stage because he is often nervous.
24. Jonghyun said he felt comfortable as he got a role as a guitarist and vocalist in Acoustic, pretty much his everyday life.
25. He still can’t avoid the Busan accent especially when he gets excited about something. (Sama kampung dengan Yong hwa..hahaha)

Bassist, Second Rapper : Lee Jung Shin

1. Jungshin said, the dentist is the most horrible place for him.
2. Jungshin like swimming and skipping.
3. Jungshin pleased to bring the bag since the age of 7 years. He said when he was little, he brought a bag whose contents snack every day.
4. When asked what kind of ideal type, Jungshin replied: "It's better if she is beautiful, but I prefer an honest girl."
5. Jungshin began studying the bass 3 years ago and he liked it, so he's still playing the bass until now.
6. Jungshin grow in an environment of people who play guitar and drums, so he learned them.
7. Jungshin has good skin, shining.
8. Jungshin say Yonghwa is photogenic since his beauty to be doubled on the screen than real life.
9. Jungshin looks more calm, but his humor exceed CNBLUE another member.
10. Jungshin is the highest among the CNBLUE member, therefore he lied, he said the high 186, but Minhyuk said 187. Apparently, Jungshin do not want grow again.
11. Jungshin want to make a really cool song.
12. Jungshin never said "I want to have a friend which is celebrity, because I do not have any friends other than the CNBLUE member.

Last but not least....
Leader, Main Vocalist, Rapper, Rhythm Guitarist : Jung Yong Hwa

1. Yonghwa said, Jungshin and Minhyuk is the most famous among fans girl.
2. Yonghwa compose and write lyrics to "I Do not Know Why." He wanted to create a different mood for this song.
3. Yonghwa said, "Among all members, Jungshin is a member who always seemed most happy."
4. "We'll never feel lonely as long as we are always together. When we are together, the atmosphere will be fun" - Yonghwa.
5. Yonghwa learned guitar from his friend. He says the guitar is an instrument that is easy to play.
6. For Yonghwa, the brand is not important, but whether he was wearing clothes which are suitable for people are more important.
7. Yonghwa spend time choosing his everyday clothes, he likes to mix and match clothes with bright colors, and he will not forget the rings and accessories.
8. Yonghwa said, "Jonghyun often take food from us".
11. Yonghwa have over 100 pairs of shoes.
9. Yonghwa said, Minhyuk is the kind of person who seldom laughed. He will laugh ten times per year.
10. Yonghwa received an award at the 2010 Korea Drama Festival for his role as Kang Shin-woo in the drama You're Beautiful.
11. Yonghwa always envied the ability of MC Minhyuk, therefore Yonghwa continue the practice to bring the show well.
12. Yonghwa really like to eat spaghetti, unlike JongHyun that hate spaghetti.
13. Yonghwa said he did not care pretty girl or an ugly girl, if she was only concerned about him, and he feel comfortable with her, then she will Yonghwa choose. (Ada chance la sally camni..hahaha)
14. Yong Hwa usually like wear T-shirt & jeans, even though he was the man that had plenty of accessories and shoes.
15. Yonghwa first kiss, in junior class.
16. Yonghwa said that "the most handsome member CNBLUE is Jonghyun, not me."

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