Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour Live in Jakarta [After Event Update]

CNBLUE is known as one of the most successful bands in Korea. Bringing different genre and concept compare to most idols on KPOP music industry, CNBLUE proves their music ability through their self composed songs and even their latest album. CNBLUE’s music has been known worldwide and touch not only KPOP fan-girls, but also music listeners in general.
Since their cancelled visit to Indonesia in 2011, CNBLUE hasn't announced any plan to come here until mid 2013 surprising their fans here who have been waiting for almost two years. Due to previous trauma, many fans are not believing their visit this time bringing their 2013 CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour to Indonesian BOICEs. But, the doubt proved wrong because finally the boys are here to greet their Indonesian fans.
2013 CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour in Jakarta was held at Tennis Indoor Senayan on October 19th. Although many events happened before the concert, like how fans threw complains on the security method due to longer time needed to enter the venue because their IDs are being checked to prevent illegal tickets, or how the media’s briefing delayed for one hour, but surprisingly the concert started on time. The boys of CNBLUE entered the stage after the opening VCR finished and directly start their first stage.
Below is the song list for 2013 CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour in Jakarta:
  1. Where You Are
  2. Get Away
  3. One Time
  4. Man Like Me
  5. Coffee Shop
  6. Have a Good Night
  7. Wake Up
  8. Love Light
  9. Feeling
  10. These Days (Korean Ver.)
  11. Y (Why)
  12. Lalala
  13. Just Please (Korean Ver.)
  14. Tattoo
  15. In My Head
  16. Intuition
  17. I’m a Loner
  18. I’m Sorry
  19. Hey, You
  20. Feel Good
  21. LOVE Girl
  22. LOVE
  23. Try Again, Smile Again
CNBLUE performed live non-stop through out the 2 hours long concert, except one time when they were preparing the encore stages and changing their clothes to Blue Moon official t-shirts. Lots of fan service thrown by CNBLUE’s members especially Yonghwa and Jungshin, unfortunately Minhyuk couldn’t move anywhere with his drum set except when his stage moved forward. Yonghwa and Jungshin sure know how to have fun and make their fans happy by going around the stage as much as they can to greet the fans in all sections. 

Yonghwa was especially make you happy watching him because every time he could he would dancing or making these funny gestures which made it fun to look at him. CNBLUE, like any other KPOP artists who visited Indonesia, made sure their Indonesian fans know about their ability to speak in bahasa by greeting them in local language or just simply ask them to singing along or asking whether the fans having fun or not in Bahasa Indonesia. Indonesian BOICEs also are the best because their fan project was the most successful fan project. Seeing the silver stars filled the venue was heartwarming and enjoyable.
Tons of thank you given to W Productions and MP Enter for the chance they gave to witness this amazing concert. Also to CNBLUE’s management, FNC Entertainment, and Samsung Galaxy for the concert tour. Props to all the fans, crew, and especially the boys of CNBLUE for the concert.
CNBLUE Blue Moon in Jakarta
As quoted from Yonghwa from the night, “Sampai jumpa lagi!

Even though I'm not there, but all updates given live when the concert, all the photo taken by the Indonesian BOICEs, the fan cam video posted in YouTube, I feel like I'm there...well, I have to admit that I was extremely jealous but still, I'm quite happy and feel blessed for all the boys...and finally Indonesia will be the last country for 2013 CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour and I'm hoping for their new album next year and also their concert again in Malaysia...

err...can I say, I love you, CNBLUE..? hehehe.. *blusing 


  1. ok lah tu kan sally. at least terubat rindu di hati :)

    1. hehehe...nasib baik la dorang datang Malaysia lagi!

  2. Ha..Ada chance jumpa lagik tu dik ekekeke

  3. eheh comellah pulak CN Blue ni xp

  4. banyak lagu yang mereka nyanyi ya sally.. semoga terubat rindu sally bila tengok gambar mereka..

    1. terubat la skit kak..tapi nak kena jugak tgk dorang berdepan...


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