Friday, August 30, 2013

Blessing Friday, CNBLUE School :)

yup..tajuk masih lagi pasal kali ni sally nak cerita pasal projek BOICE Malaysia...tapi before that, tengok video ni dulu.

For further info, boleh baca kat SINI dulu...baru paham..hari ni BOICE Malaysia dah confirm kan, yang amount yang we olls harapkan untuk bantu CNBLUE PROJECT (CNBLUE School) dah berjaya terkumpul! alhamdulillah...even kami niat nak tolong CNBLUE, tapi we olls still happy sebab dapat menderma untuk tabung project CNBLUE ni...terutama untuk kanak-kanak kat Burkina Faso, Africa.

CNBLUE has conducted various philanthropy works such as donating money and rice. Part of their yearly income and income from the Bluemoon World Tour has also been contributed into the building of CNBLUE Schools. The first CNBLUE School has been built in Burkina Faso, Africa in 2012 and can be attended by up to 100 pre-schoolers and 1000 elementary and junior high school students. CNBLUE Schools will provide meals and daycare services to the enrolled students.


We would like to thank all Malaysian BOICE for helping us in achieving the targeted amount for this donation, which is RM2,408.13, which is actually a symbol that represents the date of their first solo concert here in Malaysia, which falls on 24/08/13.. We spent about 1 and a half month of collecting donation through various fan club activities and personal donations. - BOICE Malaysia

perasaan..? happy sangat! sebab CNBLUE berjanji akan tubuhkan sekolah yang kedua menggunakan World Tour Donations yang terkumpul sepanjang konsert berlangsung...tu yang paling happy..sebab sambil kitorang happy-happy...tengok konsert...dapat bantu orang!

The band will continue with the project in the future, and aim to build it's second school. A rep from CNBLUE′s agency FNC Entertainment told E-News on April 4, "CNBLUE will be hosting a world tour to go through Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Europe, starting in Taiwan on April 6. With the new donations it plans to build it's second school."

BOICE Malaysia


  1. wah bagus lah CN blue ni kan.. sambil buat concert sambil beramal ^_^

  2. bagusss~ bagus artis yang suka buat amal ni! :)

  3. buat konsert sambil beramal.. bagus betul..

  4. minat jugak dengan kumpulan nie...buat konsert sambil beramal eloklah tue...


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