Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fast & Furious 6' is just another formula race saga.

Fast & Furious 6 might have just as easily been called Planes, Tanks and Automobiles.
Muscle cars square off against hulking Army tanks and a cargo plane the size of a small planet. Demolition abounds. When the vehicular mayhem subsides, brawling and gunshots take over — aboard a plane, in a metro station, around buildings and open lots. This sixth installment (* * out of four; rated PG-13; opening Thursday in select theaters and Friday nationwide) is all commotion, clashes and crashes all the time
When the familiar squadron of outlaw racers needs to catch its breath, out pops a clich├ęd phrase, a puerile comment or maybe just an enthusiastic "Yeah!"
Here's a movie that could easily have been dialogue-free. And probably would have been better for it. But the volume is a key element, especially for those who find the sound of revved-up engines evocative.

Plot wise, the previous Fast and Furious, in Brazil, was superior. This ultra-formulaic entry definitely has a few exciting stunts — a car hurtling out of a flaming airplane, two bodies flying through the air and landing safely in a clutch (of the hug variety, not a car component). But the story is standard-issue. The racing crew of international criminals globe-trots, as in past films, though much of the action takes place in London. Amazingly, the British capital's busy streets are wide open for racing — except for the occasional double-decker bus that nearly gets toppled.
Brawny U.S. Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) is seeking the help of the car-crazy crew to take down the evil Shaw (Luke Evans), a mercenary terrorist/crime lord who has gotten his hands on top-secret military equipment. In exchange, they will be given amnesty for previous crimes. And the world will avoid annihilation. It's a pretty sweet deal.
But their old compatriot Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), thought dead, has resurfaced as one of of Shaw's henchmen. The ever-loyal lug nut Dom (Vin Diesel) insists she be rescued. Dom loves Letty. We know this because he drag-races with her and then proclaims throatily: "Show me how you drive, and I'll show you who you are."
In a particularly inane story arc, Brian (Paul Walker) spends 24 hours in a California prison to extract information from a prisoner. Inexplicably, he gets sprung just in time to join his pals back in Europe for the climactic race against the villainous Shaw.
The quips generally fall flat, and Diesel's delivery is the worst. But he's a brawny one, and that's all that really counts, since the actors are more like action figures than humans. On the plus side, women get to play as rough as the men. Rodriguez, who made her screen debut in 2000's Girl fight, takes part in an extended smackfest with Gina Carano, who plays Interpol officer Riley.
After laying waste to a couple dozen cars, seemingly oblivious to the loss of innocent lives, they end up at a modest house in L.A. Holding hands, they say grace, thanking God for their family and, "most of all, for fast cars."
For a hint about this speedy coalition's next stop, be sure to sit through the credits.
Better yet, hightail it home and fire up 2011's fresher Fast Five.

p/s : sape nak tengok wayang hari ni..? :)


  1. yang penting nak tengok vin diesel... *_^ ... Fast & Furious one of my fave movie...

  2. dah lama tak tengok wayang...

  3. dah lama tak tengok wayang...


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