Promo RM10 di Starbucks, harini sahaja! (30 November 2016)

7:09:00 AM Sally Samsaiman 8 Comments

As November ends and we welcome December, let's celebrate with RM10 on ANY Tall Sized Frappuccino! If you use your Starbucks Card, you can get it at RM9!

So, see you today!

Terms and Conditions:
1. Only applicable on the 30th of November 2016.
2. Applicable at all Starbucks stores in Malaysia except Genting Highlands stores, Tapah R&R Kiosk and Sunway Lagoon Kiosk.
3. Not valid with other discount or promotion.
4. Not entitled for Starbucks Card rewards.
5. Modifier will be charged at regular price.
6. Price inclusive of 6% GST.

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  1. Pagi2 terus rasa nak g Starbucks. Tapi rupanya petang nanti yang murah nie. Alaaaa ~

  2. Rasanya kakak boleh menikmatinya Sally malam ini
    Sebab kakak nak shopping barang dapur.

  3. Alaaaaa selau time dekat Pahang baru ada promo macam ni. Sini nan hado Starbucks. Huhu :(

  4. cepat cepat serbu sebelum terlambat

  5. Peminat starbak ni blh la pi serbu

  6. aduhhh nak jugak.. tapi kat Batu Pahat tak de. kena turun Jb atau Kluang :(


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