[Live Update] 'A Gift for A Wish - Yayasan Chow Kit'

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Hi! I'm currently at Sunway Putra Mall for an event, 'A Gift for A Wish for Yayasan Chow Kit'..Sunway Putra Mall has been working with the public to raise funds for a selected group of underprivileged children from Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK).

This campaign was initiated by the mall's management during their recent visit to the centre. Most of the kids wished for bicycles and school supplies as their new year gift, and the heart-wrenching reason behind these wishes were so that they can ease the burden of their parents.

In total, from the funds collected, Sunway Putra Mall has managed to purchase bicycles, toys, and school supplies for the kids. In addition to that they were also be able to purchase food supplies for YCK to benefit the whole centre and today, Sunway Putra Mall will officially present the gifts to the selected children and YCK. Today's event will featured Daphne Iking and the the whole 60 Beauty Pageants from Miss Tourism Queen Of The Year International 2015..

Got to go! Will update more later!

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